Black Rock City Honoraria Grants — New Process for 2015!

Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross, 2007. (Photo by Gabe Kirchheimer)
Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross, 2007. (Photo by Gabe Kirchheimer)

Burning Man Arts — the new department combining the Black Rock City Art Department with the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) — will launch a new online system in mid-November designed to make it easier for artists to apply for honoraria grants for art destined for Black Rock City.

This year, applicants will be required to first submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), which will allow the Grant Committee to select which projects will be invited to participate in the full grant application process, saving everybody time and effort.

The system will go live in mid-November, and LOI submissions will be accepted for four weeks. The Grant Committee aims to inform artists if they are invited to participate in the full grant application process by the beginning of 2015.

All artists hoping to receive a Black Rock City honorarium will need to participate in this new LOI process.

More information will be made available via the Jackrabbit Speaks and on the Burning Man Arts web pages as the rollout approaches.

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21 Comments on “Black Rock City Honoraria Grants — New Process for 2015!

  • Tuna says:

    Hopefully next year’s clusterfuck will be better than this year’s clusterfuck. Where do I sign up again? I have nothing better to do with my life.

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  • Major Tom says:

    I’ll just go ahead and have a few of those ‘woke-up-and-missed-finals’ nightmares about this deadline.

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  • Fire bug says:

    As I heard from a member of the artery whilst waiting in queue for placement and inspections, ” Nothing says Burning man like paperwork, permits and inspections”. LOL, That aside maybe this year I will get it right and bring all ya’ll some incredibly beautiful, introspective, and deeply moving LARGE scale art. Fingers crossed and writing my LOI. The wheel turns and its our job to either climb abroad or race it to the finish line. Major Tom’s right more Finals style nightmares. )'(

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  • G says:

    Aaaaaaand the art theme for 2015 is ? ? ?

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  • Jonesy says:

    Theme for 2015: Allentown

    “Filling out forms. Standing in line.”

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  • Junior says:

    Letter of Intent:

    Dear Burning Man Organization,

    I intend to bring together about 50 hard working guys to build the biggest wooden spiritual thing that has graced the playa. I intend to gifit hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into this project; blood sweat and tears. I fully accept that the hardest part of this endeavor will be powering through all the paperwork and bureaucracy that is put by you in my way of progress, in order to justify your soulless lives.

    In the end it will burn. I will have enjoyed about 1 day on the playa, the day of rest from total exhaustion and frustration. I will be made to feel guilty for that small pleasure.

    I plan to go into debt that will lead to my inevitable bankruptcy and divorce, all so hipsters can stand in front of my amazing work of huge fucking whatever it is and take selfies to upload to their Facebook accounts.

    Please let me know if this is acceptable and I will begin lubing my asshole right away.

    Kind regards,

    Joe Artiste

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  • Ben T Forkx says:

    Will these money allotments be allowed to non-americans??? I was told that Canadians weren’t elligible last year….

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  • Kym Spencer says:

    Are Art Grants available to Non-USA artist? I was told as Canadians we would not qualify (unless via Souk or CoRE). Please advise: Truth or Rumour. Thank you!

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  • G says:

    I like it. Doing a short summary instead of a complete proposal with budget and itineary. It will shorten my writting time and increase my build time.

    kiss kiss


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  • Johhny says:

    BRAF has been “rolled up” into the Burning Man Project and Crimson is now in charge of art grants. Swell. I remember when she changed the conclave from a community celebration into a narcissistic circle jerk. More rules! More rules! Tell us how to make art! Yay!

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  • Caracal says:

    what is the 2015 art theme ?

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  • My two cents says:

    Generally the Honorarium art expresses the theme. It would be helpful to know the theme before being asked to create a proposal to express it, no?

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  • Serin says:

    UMM…It would be much , much better if you posted any important thing regarding BM
    on the main web site straight up and not in emails. And not before you are ready please. What’s the point. Which aint much right? Just a place to send an email ( headed ” LOI ” ) right?

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  • Siene says:

    The countdown clock is working but the dates for 2015 is nowhere. Absolutely maddening this most basic piece of information is not current. I can find the dates for 2015 when I google it, but it’s not on the BM website. It should be *somewhere on the Participate page.

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  • Fire Bug says:

    SOooo it’s like the middle of the month or something. Just wondering when we might get an update about this such said LOI. I can tell by the number of posts here that more people are interested in the turnkey/PNP camps & DPW upheaval that is floating round in the whisper columns, but that aside artist will still want to create. Its all we know how to do. When times get tough we create works when times are good we create works. Its called “ART”WORK for a reason and not art in limbo, so give us biscuit and let us know when to start working towards a cause. Its what we create that is the corner stone of the event, not who camps with who.

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  • Sondra says:

    I think it’s a great idea. I much prefer to fill out an LOI and only have to fill out a full grant application if the idea has a chance of being funded. I’ve been arguing on the pro side of this since it was announced. Don’t understand how this could be seen as a bad thing – less work before you find out if you’re work is a match or not.

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  • G2 says:

    I can rebel against unnecessary bureaucracy and rules with the best of them. The LOI took me about 20 mins to fill out, pretty darn basic and no complaints.

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  • Mave says:

    BOOOOOYAH BITCHES!!!….despite a broken laptop-trenchial down pours-a last minute black out-interweb failure and a fight with my bi polar paramour at the crack of 6 am this morning- I managed to get to a closed liabrary- get them to admit me anyway and not only attempted the LOI- but completed it at exactly 12 pm pacific something or other time and got my bad ass CONFIRMATION NUMBER…!!! f-ing yay!!
    Im gonna go have a heart attack now and change my drawers…im so excited!

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  • dave says:

    Well reading this Im SCREWED missed the deadline .

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  • Jack says:

    there was some fun, enlightening comments to read about the agony artists have to go through in order to be “accepted”.
    Well I missed it as much I understood… I’ll live up the free spirit till the next deadline, guess I’m ready to be chained up and to fight the battle for acceptance.
    peace burners

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  • Vachot says:

    Another level of drama, a chance to fret and agonize before we really get to fret and agonize. Arrrgh!

    Seriously, I think the LOI is a good idea.

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