Word Play: The Art of Jeff Schomberg

This video vignette about artist Jeff Schomberg is a fantastic portrayal of an artist whose trajectory of work has been irrefutably changed by Burning Man. Here, Jeff tells us about how Burning Man expanded his concept of public art, and opened up the possibility for his own artistic growth.

In this video, Jeff also talks about his experience of interacting with the Art Support Services at Burning Man, his appreciation for other artists on the playa, and for Burning Man’s art grants.

Jeff began attending Burning Man in 1998, and since has collaborated with artist Laura Kimpton to create numerous works, including 2008’s massive interactive fire and metal installation Celtic Forest, and the many “word” pieces that have become iconic to the vista of our playa (including Mom, Oink, Love, and Believe). He and Laura collaborated with the Black Rock Arts Foundation to bring Celtic Forest to Reno, Nevada, in 2009, and continues to create and share his work in public settings.

This brief window into his creative and production process reveals Jeff’s focused and dedicated work ethic, his esteem for his crew and artistic collaborators, and his conviction about the community-building potential of public art. Thank you, Jeff, for all your work!

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