Burning Man Arts Presents: The Artists’ Symposium and Desert Arts Preview

The veteran artists of our community hold a wealth of knowledge and experience: possibly the most valuable resource of all to other artists, and one that has been inadequately tapped until now.

Burning Man Arts — in the spirit of facilitating collaborative connections — is pleased to invite our community’s artists to an all-day Artists’ Symposium for artists to share knowledge and connect around mutual goals and needs. If you’re an artist (or would-be artist) creating work destined for Black Rock City or anywhere else, this is a fantastic opportunity to network with other artists and arts professionals, learning best practices about creating large-scale artwork.

You’ll learn from experts in fundraising, project management, heavy equipment, fire art, structural engineering, public art and more. See all the details here.

The event will be followed by the Desert Arts Preview from 6-8pm … come see artists presenting their works-in-progress for this year’s Burning Man (note: a ticket to the Artists’ Symposium includes admission to the Desert Arts Preview. You can also purchase tickets just for the Desert Arts Preview).

What: Artists’ Symposium
When: May 3 @ 10am – 9pm
Where: Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123 (directions at www.fortmason.org)
Cost: $20
Tickets: Buy tickets or RSVP

Questions? Email artsymposium@burningman.org.

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2 Comments on “Burning Man Arts Presents: The Artists’ Symposium and Desert Arts Preview

  • Darcie Thomas says:

    I am going to be in town for the Bay to Breakers event on May 17, 2015. Can you tell me if any events are happening during this time? I would love to go?
    Also do you have any buses going out from Reno to Burning Man this year That we could get on for a day or a night event?

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  • Tito says:


    The best way to get to Burning Man from Reno for just a day or night would be to hang out at Circus Circus. Many burners stay there before making the trek out to the playa. For a blow job you could easily find space in someone’s vehicle. Getting back to Reno within 24 hours would be more difficult. One sure way is to go up to a cop and try to grab his gun. This will get you back to Reno whenever you want to leave.

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