Burning Man Global Leadership Conference is Comin’ Up!

GLC (Global Leadership Conference)The Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is an annual conference of Burning Man community leadership that happens each spring in San Francisco, and it starts April 9. The conference is for organizers and community leaders in the Burning Man Regional Network, and space is limited, so attendance isn’t open to the public, BUT …

We’re going to be covering key sessions that are of interest to the larger Burning Man community here on the Voices of Burning Man, as well as on Twitter (for a full-throated coverage, follow @burningmanglc; for more select coverage, follow @burningman and/or watch the #bmglc15 hashtag).

If live video is more your thing, we’ll be livestreaming our plenary sessions, including keynotes on Friday and Saturday mornings. If you’re not an early riser, no problem, the videos will be available afterwards. Here’s the livestream schedule:

Friday, April 10
9:00-10:30am PDT
Plenary Session 1: The Next Creative Renaissance, Busting it Out, Building it Up, Bringing it Home!

10:30am-12:00pm PDT
Plenary Session 2: Updates — From the Desert to the World

Saturday, April 11
9:00-10:15am PDT
Plenary Session: Keynote Talks with Marian Goodell and Dennis Kucinich

Speaking of which …

We are excited to welcome a special guest keynote speaker to this year’s GLC! Former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich will join us in person on Saturday, April 11 to address why Burning Man culture matters to humanity at this time of great global change.

Dennis is a statesman and philosopher who believes the fundamental truth of our existence is human unity — that we are all one, and that we are interconnected and interdependent. This belief has guided him through public life and he shares it with audiences everywhere. An internationally known environmentalist, Dennis is passionate about the great evolutionary potential which comes from repairing our relationship to the natural world and to each other.

He has had a long and distinguished career in public service, including serving as a Cleveland City Councilman, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, and U.S. Congressman. He was a two-time Presidential candidate.

Dennis participated in Black Rock City for the first time in 2014. Through the creativity and human connection of Black Rock City and the Burning Man Regional Network, he sees that “Burning Man represents an incandescent vision of a world within our grasp.”

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8 Comments on “Burning Man Global Leadership Conference is Comin’ Up!

  • Live says:

    I suppose it’s a form of leadership, but I wouldn’t call it Leadership. Basically tricking 10s of thousands of people into crowd sourcing an event that you (the organization) simply administers and rakes in millions isn’t Leadership. It something very cynical. But consenting adults and all that, who cares about the suckers? I don’t. Make as much money as you can off these people. But don’t call it Leadership.

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    • Pack of wild corndogs says:

      The crowd sourcing model is very effective for Google, Uber, Facebook, etc. The real leadership that Burning Man shows, is using that model for public benefit, instead of personal profit.

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    • Metrix says:

      It is clear you have absolutely no idea how much work it actually takes to make Burning Man happen.

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      • Live says:

        I have a very good idea about how criticism of the event can only be born from ignorance. I’m surprised you didn’t say that I’ve probably never been.

        The whole event takes about as much logistics and organization as a producing an independent film shooting on location with a budget of about $5 million. If you think it’s harder than that, you’ve been nipping a bit too much Kool Aid.

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      • Tim says:

        Well then it’s clear you don’t work in the events industry if you claim building an incorporated city of 68,000 people with full infrastructure and necessary services in a month every year is the same as a film shoot. Sorry, but that’s a load of crap, and you just come across as a hater of the organization.

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  • Live says:


    I know, right? Metrix is such a hater. He doesn’t even see the forest for the trees and all that other stuff. Some people just don’t even get it.

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    • Corvus says:

      What gets me is how the haters come onto the site to tell us how much they hate it and how we are suckers for paying money to indulge in Larry’s fantasy. God knows there is plenty off slippage between the ideal and what actually happens – JT and Sherpagate, anyone? – but if you hate what BM represents, or has come to represent, then ignore it. There are plenty of other things you could be doing instead.

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