Flux Foundation’s “Lacuna” at Bay Area Book Festival

Flux Foundation (2009-2010 Black Rock City Honoraria), is on a roll! Although their Bloom! exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo opened not too long ago, Flux Foundation is already working on their next project, Lacuna, which was just awarded a grant from our Global Art Grants program. Congratulations to the Flux crew!

Lacuna by Flux Foundation, 2015
Lacuna by Flux Foundation, 2015

Lacuna is a public art space and library created out of 50,000 books donated by the Internet Archive. Furthermore, visitors will be able to remove the books from the walls. As Lacuna’s website says:

“By removing, reorganizing, and replacing books, the walls inside Lacuna will shift, and it’s this process where we’ll see that each person’s interaction with Lacuna becomes an integral, valued part of the collective story and experience of Lacuna.”

Although more and more books are being digitized, there’s something very satisfying and pleasurable about holding an actual book made out of paper. Lacuna celebrates this by bringing our attention to the very materials of the book by fully immersing us in them. This creates an experience that is both immediate, as we are present with those materials in the moment, as well as associative, as the encounter allows us to tap into memories of libraries, and feelings (such as nostalgia) those memories may elicit.

Lacuna will appear in early June 2015 at the Bay Area Book Festival.

For more information on Lacuna, visit www.projectlacuna.com.