Announcing the Burning Man Ticket Transfer Tool!

"It would please me very much if you were to have this ticket." (Photo by Fazlul Bari, Creative Commons)
“It would please me very much if you were to have this ticket.” (Photo by Fazlul Bari, Creative Commons)

We’re beyond excited to introduce you to the new self-serve Ticket Transfer tool, available through your Ticketfly account. Ticket Transfer allows you to assign any transfer-eligible ticket or vehicle pass in a Will Call order to a specific person. With Ticket Transfer:

  • you can assign items in your order to different people.
  • the need for any other name change request emails or paperwork or presentation of name change paperwork at the Box Office is eliminated!
  • once an item is transferred to someone, they can pick it up with their ID at the Box Office, no need to perform an in-person “hold” at the Box Office.
  • recipients are provided more security—transfers are one-way and once transferred, the recipient is the owner of the item. The recipient can transfer items on to others as well.

Hooray! You can find full details and instructions here.

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8 Comments on “Announcing the Burning Man Ticket Transfer Tool!

  • Boyscout says:

    This appears to be for Will Call only, is that correct? Any possibility of this coming for paper tickets? Basically canceling the paper tickets and re-issuing them as Will Call tickets?

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  • Kelstar the Mighty says:

    OK, now *please* fix the ticketing system going forward by *requiring* transfers of tickets to go through STEP or only through a third party-controlled system that checks for both price allowed and ticket validity. This is a primary issue every year – scalping endangers the ability of contributors to get tickets AND it is only going to get worse unless you use some of the $25M this event generates and FIX IT.

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    • silverfish says:

      Kelstar the Mighty has it right. Link tickets to peoples real names and require ID at the gate. To transfer a ticket people use the site, cancel the old ticket # and the new person shows their ID at the Will Call line to get a ticket linked to their ID. Scalping eliminated.

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  • Boyscout says:

    Totally agree with Kelstar the Mighty. Or even go one further and allow for effectively Escrow. Do like with STEP, but directed towards somebody, and the money (minus fees) goes back to the person with the original tickets. Go into STEP, put in the persons email address, they get a link, they pay, it’s then transferred (with Will Call pickup).

    The problem I foresee is longer Will Call lines. But…why not also allow for someone to print out the QR code and use that? Like with EA passes, or lots of other current concert tickets? It _could_ be abused, but if you make it clear that only the QR code emailed direct from TicketFly is valid, that sounds like problem solved. And it’s not as if you aren’t scanning QR codes these days anyway.

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  • Dani says:

    This is a step in the right direction. I know my friends last year that had tickets will call and needed to get one to one person zone to another, would have appreciated this. I also like the idea of printed codes and making it very clear that only ones sent from ticket fly are valid, so scammers can’t resell the same codes over and over. I personally like the pretty tickets, but for some, just being able to get in is more important.

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  • Beerlord says:

    Does the Transfer Tickets button show up for anyone else? I need to transfer a vehicle pass and can’t figure out if technology sucks or if this is the best troll ever.

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  • Kelstar The Mighty says:

    Forgot to say in my earlier comment: THANK YOU for adding this functionality; it is certainly on the right path!

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  • Joerg says:

    My tickets are not anymore in ticketfly available. I send mail since days to BM with a copy of my purchase creditcard statement and I just dont get an answer or help.
    Just reference numbers but they are note helping.

    Where my tickets – please send me the confirmation again.

    Case #64039.
    Case #63742.

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