Start Your Burn Now with BMIR!

BMIR, people!
BMIR, people!

Why wait until the gates open when you can start your Burn now with Burning Man Information Radio? Take a trip down memory lane and tune into BMIR starting Wednesday August 5 at 7p.m. and listen as BMIR plays their archive recordings of the 2014 Burn in their entirety.

After the 2014 re-broadcast, stay tuned to BMIR 24/7 for their eclectic mix of music and theme camp promos for 2015. Hear about all the cool things waiting for you on the playa this year! (Theme Camp Organizers: want to promote your camp’s events on BMIR? You can send in a promo now or record one on the playa.  Details here.)

And we’ve got some special live broadcasts coming your way! On Wednesday August 12 at 7 p.m. PDT, BMIR’s Bobzilla and Josie from the Burning Man Communications Team will host a live program for first-time Burners. They’ll take phone calls and answer questions submitted via text. Listen and get some tips on how to be prepared for the playa and what to expect!

If you want to go to Burning Man you’ll have to go through the Gate. On Thursday August 20 at 7 p.m. PDT, Bobzilla and a member of the Perimeter, Gate & Exodus Department will tell you how to get in and out of Burning Man safely, easily and hassle free. Operations at the Gate change every year, so tune in.

The BMIR crew travels to the playa on Tuesday August 25 and will begin broadcasting live from BRC sometime on Wednesday August 26.  Tune in to hear what’s happening on the playa, get weather and gate info and hear how the city is coming together. You can listen to BMIR on your smartphone as you travel to the playa as long as you have cell coverage (you can begin to tune them in over the air when you hit Gerlach at 94.5 FM. Find out how to listen on your PC/Mac/Smartphone.

See you on the playa and don’t forget to bring a radio!

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