Presenting the Burning Man Journal!

Welcome to the Burning Man Journal, our newly redesigned blog, featuring news, information, stories and opinion from writers across the spectrum of Burning Man culture.

burning-man-journal-tileWe’re pretty excited about this new design because it allows us to highlight key stories and announcements, while also surfacing all the great content that’s been created over the years, making it more useful to our readers. That, and it’s hella pretty.

Take it for a whirl and you’ll see just how much has changed, but let us give you a quick tour of some features you might like …

If you look up top, you’ll see our content is conveniently broken down into Sections, like a newspaper. Each section has Categories, helping you navigate the breadth of information to be found in the Journal. You’ll also notice thumbnail images include a little red category badge which links to other posts in that category.

Our Archives make it easy to dive deep into all the posts we’ve published since 2000, and to see all our categories at a glance. And if you want to see posts by your favorite Author, we’ve got you covered there too.

If you look at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find our “Collections”, or groupings of content — like “Playa Tips” or “The 10 Principles Blog Series” — that will be rotated seasonally, giving you easy access to valuable older content you’ll want at a particular time of year.

You can also Subscribe and get a daily email notification when new posts are published, or (for the geeks) grab the RSS feed to do with what you will.

As part of this new design, the blog has been renamed The Burning Man Journal. For you history buffs, the name hearkens back to the days of olde and the Burning Man Journal, the printed (like, with ink and stuff) newsletter that Burning Man produced in the 90’s and early 2000’s that was (essentially) a pre-internet-boom forerunner to the blog. Plus, it’s a cool name with zip and pizzazz. So there’s that. Thus, our URL is now — don’t worry though, old links will automagically redirect to the right place.

There’s more of course, and we encourage you to poke around, explore, and see what you see. We hope you enjoy the Burning Man Journal as much as we do bringing it to you. Thanks for reading!

About the author: Will Chase

Will Chase

Will Chase is Burning Man's former Minister of Propaganda, working on global communications strategy. He was the editor-in-chief for the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter and the Burning Man Journal, and content manager for Burning Man’s web properties. He also oversaw the ePlaya BBS and Burning Man’s social media presence. Will first attended Burning Man in 2001. He volunteered as the Operations Manager for the ARTery (Black Rock City’s art HQ) and was on the Burning Man Art Council from 2003-2008. He was Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004 until he transitioned to the Communications Department in 2009.

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