2016 Burning Man Sticker Contest Now Open!

FRANK TYNESKI 6It’s that time again you artsy weirdos: This is the official call-out for designs for 2016 Burning Man stickers! That’s right, it’s the annual chance to have your art given out to EVERY SINGLE BURNER as they come through the Greeters Station and into Black Rock City. And from that point, those crafty Burners will stick ‘em on just about everything. Trust us, we’ve seen them wind up in some pretty unexpected places.

One sticker design out of those submitted is selected each year as the “not really official” sticker of the year and given to every Burner. A handful of the other designs will also be turned into sticker schwag sprinkled throughout BRC randomly (immediacy! gifting!) and shared with Burners all year round. Help us remember our wonderful home in the desert even when we’re away!

Whichever type of sticker tickles your fancy (or maybe you’re very ticklish and want to enter several designs), remember there IS a theme, and we like stickers that attempt to use the theme. Read up on the 2016 Art Theme: da Vinci’s Workshop

So, don’t hesitate. Participate! Thank you and good luck!

Design Specs:Print

Your design(s) will need to be one of three die sizes:

  • 3” Diameter Circle
  • 2.5″ x 5.75” with a 0.125” corner radius
  • 3″x 3″ square with a 0.062” corner radius

You must OUTLINE all fonts.

If using 1-3 colors, set up the file to print as PMS. If using 4 or more colors, set up the file to print as CMYK.

Designer Tips ‘n’ Tricks:

Round stickers are given priority for winning the coveted “Gate Sticker” spot, which goes out to ALL Black Rock Citizens. Other sticker sizes are printed out and handed out to volunteers throughout the year. Including both the name “Burning Man” or “Black Rock City”  and the year 2016 in your design gets you extra awesome brownie points (and a better chance of your image being used for the Gate Design).

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.01.54 PMSubmitting Your Art:

Send either a PDF file OR (preferably) the original Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file to stickers@burningman.org. Whether sending your design or questions, please put your first and last name in the subject header as well as the phrase “2016 Sticker Submission.


Monday, May 31. No art can be accepted after this date!

Oh, and you guys…  you don’t need to bother submitting any more “Bernie Man” jokes. We get it.

About the author: Zac Cirivello

Zac Cirivello

Zac has been managing teams in Black Rock City since 2010. He spent three years as a part of Burning Man’s Communications team developing the organization’s voice as a nonprofit and driving strategy behind key communications initiatives. He studied Environmental Science and spent a decade producing events and festivals focused on arts, community development, sustainability, and food. As Operations Manager for Fly Ranch, Zac oversees communications, community engagement, affiliations and site operations for the project.

7 Comments on “2016 Burning Man Sticker Contest Now Open!

  • Jesse Noemind says:

    Thanks Zac! I’m gonna take my magic medicine, get creative and get on this :) Looking forward to seeing you in the Dust!

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  • Hi there,
    We can I find the sticker winners images from all previous years?
    Please let me know.

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    • Zac Cirivello says:

      You can find sticker winners in swag bags and on the cars of Burners everywhere.

      Also – all the images on this post were stickers that were printed last year.

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  • Maureen Taylor says:

    I wonder if submissions are as equally likely to be accepted if they are hand-drawn and then scanned (i.e. not created using Adobe Illustrator)?

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    • Zac Cirivello says:

      If it is a high enough res scan and comes over in a .PDF file it is possible, but makes it a little trickier to print and a majority of the designs selected are digitally made.

      That being said, last year someone submitted a sweet hand drawn design and we ended up making a run of temporary tattoos! Might as well show us what ya got!

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  • Doug Moyes says:

    So Zac, I thought of gifting stickers this year, without submitting them to the organization. Are there phrases or images that I cannot use on my design?

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    • Zac Cirivello says:

      Hey Doug –

      No issue. You’re welcome to use any Burning Man logo, name, or design if the stickers are a free gift to the BRC community.

      Just don’t think about selling ’em. ;-)

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