How To Do Your Burn Right: Accuracy Third’s Unofficial Audio Survival Guide

By Accuracy Third

Presenting for your reference, Accuracy Third’s completely unsanctioned advice on the best ways to prepare for, acculturate for, survive, and enjoy Black Rock City. Whether you’ve been before or not, there’s a lot to learn — or at least disagree with — about the Accuracy Third crew’s opinions on how to do it right. We broke the Burning Man experience down into three parts: How Not to Fuck Up Going to Burning Man, How Not to Fuck Up Burning Man, and How to Un-fuck Your Burn. Absolutely all the things you need to know as far as we’re concerned!

Written, edited, and produced by: Accuracy Third
Parts 1 and 3 feature music by Midtown Social
Part 2 features music by Vagabondage

Don’t know what to pack for playa? Head on over to to check out the Accuracy Third Packing List while you listen to our first season recounting the Burning Man Experience!

Editor’s note: Hi, it’s Burning Man. Do you like listening to things? If so, it’ll please you to know that these and other aural pleasures are now available as a podcast for your enjoyment and edification while you’re packing, driving, or waiting in D Lot. In addition to SoundCloud, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS.

And as if the Accuracy Third crew hadn’t done enough — between the Unofficial Audio Survival Guide and doing the editing for the amazing Coyote Nose stories — they’re letting us syndicate a couple starter episodes of their own show:

Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock City. We are looking for your very best stories about That Thing In The Desert. Our inaugural episode introduces your hosts, Rex and D-Day, and our illustrious producer, Drunk Beth. Starring Smoke Daddy, the man who dresses the man in neon, and Andale’, one of our buddies from the Gate, Perimeter, & Exodus crew.

DPW is in the studio today in the form of Xeno, the guy you want to talk to if you need a crew to build you official, DPW-certified shade structures. That’s if you can locate him, because there are some times when he finds himself more in need of rescue than anything else. But sometimes, it’s merely a misunderstanding of bloodstained proportions. We also hear from Relay, one of our skilled radio dispatchers, who shares pointed commentary during Xeno’s stories. We’ll highlight her own exploits and experiences in a future episode.

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  • Hiya on the Playa says:

    I’m a veteran 11-time Burner, but I just started listening to these, and in particular just finished “How to Un-Fuck Your Burn”. GREAT advice! I have to say my favorite line was referring to not wearing kilts in the Scottish fashion (I’m with Drunk Beth on this!), about playa dust being like “baby powder with teeth”. Brilliant! Thanks for making my day during decompression period.

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