State of the Art, 2016

Months after I write these posts, I’ll realize exactly what I should have written. Of course, I don’t bother to write down those thoughts. Which is probably a good thing, because I tend to verbosity, and the art can speak for itself.

The Black Rock Lighthouse Service 


“Lord Snort” by Bryan Tedrick

“La Victrola” by La Victrola Society


“Temple Project” by David Best and The Temple Crew

“Medusa Madness” by Reared In Steel, LLC

Medusa Madness at Burning Man 2016

@EARTH #HOME by Laura Kimpton and Jeff SchombergLR_Export_APG-_MIH8235-_MIH8241-7-1-497_0000

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Michael Holden

Michael Holden is a photographer from Seattle, WA. He has successfully avoided having a playa name for 16 years. He likes chihuahuas, sushi, fast RAM, cheap hard drives and prime lenses. Ask him anything by emailing

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