Accuracy Third Podcast Season 2: Episodes 7 and 8

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The Accuracy Third podcast is back with a second season of stories from Black Rock City. Join Rex, D-Day and Beth for stories from the individuals who make Burning Man happen, Theme Camp implosions, and so much grand failed art.

S02 E07 – Get Your Things, We’re Going to the Hospital

Relay and Frisky Whisky are joining Accuracy Third today with Friend-of-the-Show Xeno, as we delve into some really terrible things that happened at Black Rock City. Beth gets hurt by some great friends in quick succession. Water and pain meds do not help Relay’s headache. Frisky Whisky learns a lesson about gravity. Basically, some truly awful shit happens to everyone in Xeno’s orbit. D-Day makes some truly distressing noises, because he can’t control his empathy. In our first Playa Post segment, Rex reads a listener’s comment, who refutes our 2015 deep playa experience. Also, we get promise rings!

S02 E08 – Little Mayor of the 9:00 Plaza

Sydney grew up deep in Burning Man culture, so she was a pretty jaded Burner when she was still in short pants. Take a trip through Syd’s formative years, back when her Dad, El Queso Grande, ran the greatest little bike shop in Black Rock City. Beth and Syd have some tent catastrophes in common. Big art? Big art! Coyote is like a rattlesnake. Also, we have the name of D-Day’s porno.

S03 E09 – Is it your story? It could be!

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About the author: Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell

, a.k.a. Argus, was publisher of the Burning Man Journal, the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter, and the Burning Man website from 2016 to 2019. He joined the Comm Team as a volunteer in 2010 and as year-round staff in 2014. He co-wrote a big story about spending 24 hours at the Temple of Juno in 2012. His first Burn was in 2008.