Burner Express Tickets on Sale Now, 1000 Event/Bus Tickets on Sale in Mid-June

Burner Express Bus tickets are on sale now, and there’s some new info for 2017! Since last year was a resounding success, we will offer water sales and entry on Saturday pre-event without a Work Access Pass again. There will once again be a late-summer sale of (now 1,000) Burner Express Bus Plus tickets that include the option to buy a $425 ticket to the event.

Burner Express Bus tickets can be purchased on the Burner Express website. You must have a valid Burning Man ticket, Will Call confirmation number, or other valid entry credential to board a Burner Express Bus. A Burner Express bus ticket alone will not allow you to enter Black Rock City.

The Burner Express Bus offers transportation from downtown San Francisco and Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Black Rock City with departures from Saturday, August 26 through Thursday, August 31.

Luggage is limited to two pieces with a maximum total dimension of 62 linear inches each (total sum of length+width+height) plus a carry-on item. You may also bring a bike, but you must purchase the bike add-on for an additional fee.

At the end of Burning Man, the Burner Express Bus will take you from Black Rock City to the Reno International Airport or downtown San Francisco, bypassing Exodus traffic through a dedicated exit. Departures from the playa begin Friday, September 1 through Tuesday September 5 with several departure times.

Purchase water in advance

Burner Express Bus passengers can purchase water in advance and fill up on the playa. You must bring your own container (we recommend collapsible five-gallon containers so they fit in your luggage). Water must be filled upon arrival in BRC and is only available to Burner Express riders. The cost is $1.50 per gallon. You must purchase water in advance. There will be no on-site sales.

No Work Access Pass (formerly known as Early Arrival pass) needed for Saturday, Aug. 26 arrivals

If you take the Burner Express Bus arriving Saturday, August 26, your Burner Express Bus ticket is what allows you early arrival. If you’re not part of a placed camp, you may only camp between G Street and L Street outside of the blue flags. Blue flags in the ground mark off reserved camping; do not camp within blue flags. You are welcome to camp in HOVerlandia at 6:15 and I, a dedicated reserved space for those arriving via the Burner Express Bus.

You are not allowed to reserve camping space for people who have not arrived yet. If you are found holding space, someone from the Placement Team will move your belongings and remove any markers or boundaries you have set up.

Burner Express Bus Plus tickets

In our ongoing effort to reduce car traffic to the event and encourage alternative transportation, we’ll be selling 1,000 Burner Express Bus Plus tickets on June 14 at 12 pm (noon) Pacific Time. Once you purchase your Burner Express Bus Plus ticket, you will have a bus ticket and will receive an email confirmation and payment link for your Burning Man ticket. You will need to pay for your Burning Man ticket before picking it up at the point of embarkation in San Francisco when you check in for your bus.

That’s worth repeating: Burner Express Bus Plus is a Burner Express Bus ticket plus an opportunity to buy a $425 (+9% tax) Burning Man event ticket for your use in conjunction with your bus ticket. The event ticket is only valid if you ride the Burner Express Bus — you cannot use the ticket to enter Black Rock City via any other method of transportation. If you have additional questions about Burner Express Bus Plus tickets, please see the Ticket Support page. (Don’t email ticketing! Do what that page says!)

Pro tips:

  • Take your time when making your purchase. Burner Express tickets are not going to sell out right away. Don’t rush and do read everything — this will prevent mistakes.
  • Watch out for auto-fill! Especially if you are buying the ticket for someone else! Double check that the name on the ticket is the correct name before checking out.

Take the time to read the FAQ before you buy your tickets. This will eliminate any questions you may have during the buying process and help your buying experience go smoothly.

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19 Comments on “Burner Express Tickets on Sale Now, 1000 Event/Bus Tickets on Sale in Mid-June

  • Justin says:

    Sooo this page says Burner Express Bus Tickets will be on sale June 14, but the Ticket Support page says June 13. Which date is it? Thanks!

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  • Jim Graham says:

    Good catch. June 14 is the correct date. We have updated the ticket support page.

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  • Every Burner who arrives from not CA or nearby to NV says:

    I wish you’d have Burner Express available during build week, and at least for the Wed-Fri period of build week. Can’t you at least try it for 1 bus/day from each location to check interest, or has your survey indicated insufficient interest? I look at the rideshare board and there seems to be enough interest, and while who doesn’t enjoy getting into a car for hours and hours with a random stranger (male and female alike), Burner Express is soooo awesome that it would be great to take it both ways and not just for Exodus. After all, you have plane flights for build week (with a max 25 pound luggage allowance–ha ha for that) so BM focuses on the air flyers but the ground dwellers. PLEASE expand Burner Express (you can even raise the rate for build week).

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    • Popeye says:

      I’ll second this comment. It would be very helpful to be able to take the bus during Build Week (with confirmed EA).

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    • Daddy says:

      Third. Came on here specifically to see if I could get a ride Tuesday pre-Burn. Maybe this violates some land use rules? If not, I think people would sign up.

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    • Every Burner who arrives from not CA or nearby to NV says:

      To clarify, my request (really, my extreme begging proposal) is would only for those with Early Arrival/Work Access passes for Build Week. Since those passes haven’t yet been distributed, I’d be ok to wait to purchase my Burner Express pass until those were given out (but I’m 99% sure, subject to Org policy, that I’ll be there for the build), to make sure only those with passes are on those buses.

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    • lee merschon says:


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    • I to would encourage a bus during build week. Friday AM from Reno is my preference.

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      • These handful of comments don’t even begin to capture the many anchor/theme camps that need the Burner Bus to offer service during the build starting on Tuesday and also a little into strike (Leaving Tuesday at 5p. There are hundreds of artisans that could use this service. I know that at least 10 in my camp would gladly use it and know dozens more in other camps that would too! Please open a sign up sheet to test this demand and add a Burner Builder Bus schedule.

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  • Scott Kelley says:

    I don’t understand the water part. Where exactly will we get the water? How will I get the gallons on water to my camp?

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    • Andrea Dehnke says:

      They have water tanks at the bus depot. I brought two 5gal collapsible containers last year, I think I just showed them the printed water tickets as proof of purchase. You don’t have to fill up all your water at once so you can do one container and come back later, they’re “open” during the day all week I believe. Unfortunately I can’t answer about transporting it, my camp was a block away from the depot last year and I just filled one container at a time and carried it back!

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  • josh says:

    To be clear can the burner express plus ticket be used from Reno embarkation point? This line mentions SF but not Reno:

    “You will need to pay for your Burning Man ticket before picking it up at the point of embarkation in San Francisco when you check in for your bus.”

    Last years wording for this paragraph was:

    “Once you purchase your Burner Express Bus Plus ticket, you will have a bus ticket and the option to buy a Burning Man event ticket at the point of embarkation in San Francisco or Reno when you check in for your bus.”

    Does this indicate a change?

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  • Eddie says:

    How long does it take to get from the burn to Reno on Saturday? Do the busses go through the normal exodus line?


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  • Laura Hallahan says:

    I was just wanting to know if the ‘No Work Access Pass (formerly known as Early Arrival pass) needed for Saturday, Aug. 26 arrivals” is the same for Sunday 27th. I assume so, but I just wanted to double check before I book a bus to arrive on Sunday (I just have a normal Burning Man ticket).

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  • chris bart says:

    When will the burner air express tickets be available for sale?

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  • Marcos says:

    I’m riding my bicycle to the festival, but I’m still chasing a ticket. So perhaps this will be my last chance to get one. The only problem is that I don’t really want to take the bus and I still would like to go by bicycle! Would it be possible for me to keep the BM ticket once I get it and re-sell the bus ticket on itself to someone else?

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  • Lymarie Perez says:

    The link to the burner express bus plus did not work today for me. Is the purchase time sensitive?

    I’m not understanding the logistics.

    Can you shed some light on the process? Is there a time frame on the purchase?

    Process not user friendly

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  • Tommy says:

    We are supposedly to receive an email with offer to buy event tickets within 48 hours of buying the bus pass. It’s now been 42… I’m starting to get a little nervous.

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