How Creative Expression Enhances Civic Engagement

Has it ever seemed to you that there are more ways to be a citizen of Black Rock City than there are to be a citizen of anyplace else you live? Your home town, your county, your state?

Well, it’s not actually true, but it can certainly seem true. And the reason it seems true, according to Walker Fisher, is that there is a link between creative freedom and civic engagement. People who feel creatively empowered in turn make creative spaces, and creative spaces are easier for people to engage with as citizens than conventional spaces. That’s because creative spaces as you who you want to be, rather than forcing you to choose from a list of prescribed options.

In this Philosophical Center podcast, we talk about the link between creative freedom and civic engagement. Walker was a Philanthropic Engagement Associate with Burning Man Project at the time this was recorded.

About the author: Caveat Magister

Caveat Magister

A member of Burning Man Project's Philosophical Center, Caveat served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Media Mecca from 2008 - 2013. He is presently working with Burning Man's education program on a cultural studies curriculum for Burning Man culture. Caveat is the author of the short story collection A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City, which has nothing to do with Burning Man, and the novel The Deeds of Pounce, which is about goblins. He has finally got his email address caveat (at) burningman (dot) org working again. He tweets, occasionally, as @BenjaminWachs

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