Burning Love: A New Podcast About Falling in Love in the Dust and Trying to Bring It Home

Burn long enough and it will happen: you’ll fall in love out there.

But once we return to the land of hot showers, plain clothing, and real responsibilities, can playa love last?

Falling in love at the Burn can leave you with a spinning head, a soaring heart, some serious emotional whiplash, or…unwelcome burning sensations. Whatever the outcome, these stories of playa love all try to answer the same question:

What just happened here?

In their luminous transcendence and flaming destruction, they’re not always easy tales to tell. But we try anyway: like Burning Man itself, these experiences melt us down and reshape us. They transform us from who we were into who we are.

Burning Love is a new podcast exploring what happens when love lights up the playa and we try to bring love home from Home.

If you’d like to submit a story for consideration, come find me in the dust this year at Milk + Honey at 6:45 and C. Ask for Lotus. Or, send the highlight reel to burninglovetheshow@gmail.com.

For now, pair the portable speaker, pop the earbuds, or power on the stereo.

And enjoy the blaze.


Meet Tony and Daniel Wichowski, also known as Mr. Pepperdine and Scratch.

Photo: Tony Wichowski

Tony and Daniel met on playa in 2014 and married there legally in 2015. They remain unmistakably in love today.

But happily ever after endings don’t write themselves. Sometimes, it takes a transcontinental sacrifice, commitment to the sport of extreme paperwork filing, and a Supreme Court case to pull one off. Swiss cigarettes help.


You can find Burning Love on iTunes Stitcher, Google Play Music, or, as they like to say, wherever you get your podcasts.

About the author: Alessandra Wollner

Alessandra Wollner

Allie Wollner (Lotus Position on playa) is a Communications Specialist at Burning Man Project specializing on internal communications. She has been a theme camp lead with Milk + Honey and proud camper since 2011. She lives in Oakland, CA. Low-budget, high-concept parties are her preferred creative medium.

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    A beautiful story ! sunshine for the heart ! Thank youuuuu <3 <3 <3

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  • Reid says:

    We’ve all seen when people bring their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse to the playa the first time, and there’s a meltdown. You can only chauffeur around your significant other till about Thursday, before they hit a self-reliant hiccup and go crazy. I watched a couple loose it in our camp. Needing time alone is bad in the default world but necessary at the burn. Meeting someone there may be a better solution.

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