You need a bike. And you need to lock it. Or you need to borrow a Yellow Bike, and follow the rules. You can’t park in the street and (if you borrow a Yellow Bike) you need to wear pants.

Burning Man is not a utopia It is a self-correcting system.

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About the author: John "Halcyon" Styn


Halcyon is a 21-year Burning Man participant and co-founder of Pink Heart camp. He is author of "Love more. Fear less." and producer of the Burning Man short film, "The Pink Path." He's won Webby awards for his over-the-top personal site & his "Love On Demand" video podcast Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based "1st Saturdays" homeless outreach program based on Burning Man Principles and coaches people how to be radically self expressed in the default world. You can find his full Playa Tips & Tricks series at

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  • Reader says:

    I don’t have time to watch your videos and I wish your videos had transcripts so I can read what you have to say.

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  • pookanook says:

    +1 for written

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  • El Pillai says:

    +1 for written

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  • Desert Silence says:

    Shorter “bikes”:

    1. Bring a bike to Burning Man if at all possible. If you do, lock it while you’re at Black Rock and do NOT leave it behind. The thousands of bikes left behind this year made us look bad. (But we are cool anyway.)

    2. “Yellow” bikes (actually they are green) are common property. Do not decorate them, and do NOT lock them! Once you get off it it isn’t yours any more. If you think you’ll need it later too bad. Find another one then, or arrange some other means of transport. We cut locks off these bikes when we can.

    3. NEVER block roads by parking your bike on them. We need roads open for emergencies.

    (Plus a lot of stuff about how wonderful BM is, which we knew already.)

    There, I saved you 10 minutes. (Maybe 8 minutes, net.) Go out and use them to do good.

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