Call to Artists: Create Two Installations Reflecting a Sense of Home in Nevada

What is your first memory of the place you call home? Is it your grandfather’s front yard, your run through the garden hose on a sunny afternoon, a night time view out your bedroom window? We all have some sense of the places where we grew up, and we form attachments, make connections, and forge memories of those places.

This week, Washoe County, in concert with Burning Man Project, invites artists to conceive of two artwork installations that reflect the home that is Washoe County, Nevada. This first artist call begins an 18-month process of community story gathering, artist design submissions, and the formation of a route of memories, artworks, and landmarks running the 200 miles from Crystal Peak Park to Gerlach. This route will be celebrated through two art installations at either end and a series of signs that will allow for interactive collection of memories associated with personal history and place. When stopping at your favorite lookout point, fishing hole, or inspirational artwork, you will be able to use an augmented reality app on your phone to add to the story collection, photos, and memories that comprise the history of that place.

If you know an artist versed in making work that can be responsive to community concepts, reflective of the context within which the art will sit, and a lover of the natural environment, we encourage you to tell them about this opportunity. More information and the application process can be found here.

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