Dusty Charter, Inc. of Reno Selected to Manage Burner Express Air Carriers for 2018

Two years ago, we launched the Burner Express Air program with the intention of making it simpler and safer for participants to fly into Black Rock City. We’re continuing that program and have selected Dusty Charter Inc. of Reno, NV to manage the carriers for 2018. Participants interested in flying to the event will be able to book flights at burnerexpress.org in the spring as soon as details are finalized.

Last year Burner Express Air flew 3,000 participants into and 2,843 participants out of Black Rock City. That took approximately 2,300 cars off the road during the Burning Man event. In addition to making air travel accessible to more participants, the program helps optimize operations and maintain the excellent safety record at the Black Rock City Municipal Airport (88NV).

Dusty Charter, a new company owned and operated by Burners, brings a team with extensive experience at 88NV and in the default aviation world. Dusty Charter will coordinate charter flights for a number of FAA-certified air carriers serving Black Rock City, offering flights to and from the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno, and Burbank. The service will run from Wednesday, August 22 through Monday, September 3.

Flight costs will vary depending on routes and the time of the flights. Prices and other details will be posted on the BxA website as soon as they are available.

As in previous years, this change will not affect general aviation Burners who have been flying their own planes into the event for years. The focus is for charter planes only, making multiple trips into Black Rock City.

Check out this video to learn more about 88NV, the Burning Man of airports:

Top photo by George Post

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  • Anon says:

    Please start Burner Express Bus during build week–if you can have planes starting on Wednesday, why not buses?!?!

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  • Tim Green says:

    So who brings their gear? This is another way of accommodating people. This allows spectators to come while other people do the heavy lifting. Driving out , sitting in the line, ,,,it acts as a benign filter to keep out people who shouldn’t be there. Are you guys going to fuck this up any more.
    It’s over. The over achievers in San Francisco are ruining BM

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