Burning Man Project Donated $35,700 to Northern Nevada Charities and Community Groups in 2017

Burning Man Project donated more than $35,700 to charitable organizations and groups in Northern Nevada in 2017, continuing the organization’s long-standing support for local schools, community programs, museums and senior centers.

Since 2003, Burning Man Project has donated just over $1.5 million to Northern Nevada, the San Francisco Bay Area and other charitable and community groups.

We consider Northern Nevada to be our home, and supporting local community groups, schools and art organizations is part of our culture. So many people are doing amazing things in Pershing and Washoe Counties, and we are proud to support them.

Here’s the breakdown for 2017:

Pershing County

For 2017, Burning Man Project made donations to Pershing County organizations totaling $13,500. These organizations and groups include: Pershing County Senior Center, Eagle Scholarship, Pershing County Community Center, Pershing County High School Athletic Department, Pershing General Hospital & Nursing Care, Lovelock Animal Shelter, Lovelock Frontier Days, Lovelock Lions Club, Friends of the Library, Marzen House Museum, Kids, Horses & Rodeos, Lovelock Food Bank, Lovelock Boy Scouts Association, Lovelock Little League Association, Pershing County Arts Council, Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, Lovelock Volunteer Fire Department and Project Graduation.

Since 2003, Burning Man has donated $468,350 to Pershing County organizations and charities.

Elsewhere in Nevada

Also for 2017, Burning Man Project made donations to Nevada organizations outside Pershing County totaling $22,200. These organizations include: Washoe County Emergency Management, Gerlach High School, Gerlach General Improvement District, Gerlach-Empire Senior Citizens Palace, Crisis Call Center, Friends of the Black Rock, Nevada Museum of Art, Nevada State Museum, Sierra Arts Foundation, Bruka Theatre, Kiwanis Bike Program, Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum, Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Elder Center – Numaga Program, Pyramid Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Consolidated Agencies of Human Services.

Since 2003, Burning Man has donated $409,050 to organizations and charities in Northern Nevada outside of Pershing County.

Burning Man Project also donated $1,000 to the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce in Cedarville, California in 2017.

Just wanted to keep you in the loop. We at Burning Man Project love the region we call home, and we urge our participants to support these communities as well.

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