Honoring Larry Harvey All Around the World

It’s been three weeks since we lost Larry Harvey, and the Burning Man community has come together in beautiful ways to celebrate his life. As we all continue to absorb that loss, let’s do it through Radical Self-expression. Show the world all the ways you’re celebrating Larry, whether it’s through gatherings, art, writing, film screenings, or action.

We’ve already seen some moving examples. AfrikaBurn shared a heartwarming tribute in their first post-event Baardskeerder newsletter. Kostume Kult threw a Larry-themed black light party in NYC on May 12, complete with 20 glowing white cowboy hats hanging all around the venue. There was a glorious gathering in Reno on May 6, and several have been held on Baker Beach in San Francisco, site of the original Burn. John “Halcyon” Styn and Tony “Coyote” Perez-Banuet, two prominent Burning Man storytellers have recently posted tribute pieces to Larry on the Burning Man Journal. Got something like that going on in your community? Share it with us via the Remembering Larry Harvey website. We will be monitoring the site and may share your ideas and events through our social media channels.

We are currently planning to instigate a global remembrance of Larry on June 21, the summer solstice. That’s when Larry and some friends burned the Man back in the beginning. What better date for a celebration of all that’s happened since and to reflect on the creative spark that Larry brought to the world? We will be releasing more details around June 1.

Also, Bay Area folks: look out for a storytelling event about Larry mid-July.

Larry hats at Kostume Kult’s party in NYC (Photo by Kostume Jim)

Tribute to Larry at Desert Arts Preview

In response to the outpouring of love and support we have felt over the last few weeks, we have changed venues for our upcoming Desert Arts Preview to the historic Nourse Theater to more comfortably accommodate a large community gathering. Desert Arts Preview is our annual celebration of art and artists headed to the playa, and this year’s event will now include a tribute to Larry Harvey. As our community continues to honor the passing of our founder, friend, and original instigator, we invite you all to join in celebrating his creative legacy and artistic vision.

Artists planning to bring their creations to Black Rock City in 2018 will present their projects over the course of this exciting evening. Presenters will share their inspiration and hopes for their works in progress, giving the audience an exclusive window into their imagination and creative process.

Michael and Dusty don their hats in honor of Larry (Photo by Eleanor Preger)

An inspiring group of 30 art projects will be represented and celebrated through short presentations and in the Art Gallery: from a 32’-tall polar bear made out of recycled car hoods, to a great train wreck, plus an exciting range of robots, trees, giant flowers, UFOs, and a wide collection of the amazing and interactive art that delights us every year in Black Rock City. A beautiful and informative Art Gallery will be installed in the theater, featuring stunning imagery and engaging information for each project. We’re thrilled that Arthur Mamou-Mani — the lead artist of Galaxia, this year’s Temple — will be there in person from England to share insights and progress from his international team.

Art in Black Rock City wouldn’t be what it is without Larry’s cultural imprimatur over the years, so it’ll be fitting to take a moment to honor him at this year’s Desert Arts Preview. We are already beginning to hear about lovely tribute pieces coming to the playa this year, and we look forward to learning about your visions.

Bring Your Own Art

If you plan to honor Larry through Radical Self-expression by bringing art to the playa this year, we encourage you to register your artwork until June 5 on our website.

By filling out the Artist Installation Questionnaire, you’ll get placement, you’ll be on the official art map, you can make a plan to burn your piece if you’d like to, and you’ll be eligible for Heavy Equipment support. Of course, anyone can bring art to Burning Man! Walk-ins are always welcome through Thursday of the event (but won’t get the stuff listed above).

Gathering in Reno at Laura Kimpton’s “Believe” to remember Larry (Photo by Eleanor Preger)

Larry’s Life and Legacy

If you’re looking for inspiration for how to remember Larry through art, there’s lots to draw on. His brother Stewart’s beautiful essay in the Journal shares illuminating stories and photos from Larry’s childhood and his life as an artist.

Top photo: Gathering in Reno to honor Larry, photo by Eleanor Preger

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  • Thank you for updating all of us. Should any Oregonians happen upon this:

    I’d like to include an altar for Burners at Solstice in the Pines, happening near Sisters/Bend June 21-24. We are having a Labyrinth Walk, drum circle, and campfire on the 21st itself.

    Please get in touch if you might want to help or join. I feel all alone out here in Central O. neworegonarts at gmail dot com , or neworegon.org/events


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  • Gerflash says:

    I’d be surprised if most if not all our theme camps this year will have some remembrance of Larry Harvey and his life and legacy. Some will be modest, some wild to the nines. But all will be sincere in their intents for the heritage Larry has left us and the world.

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