MOOP MAP 2018: Day 3 – So Far, So Good

MOOP MAP 2018 Day 3 : Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Total Crew on Playa: 164

City Grid Blocks Completed: 3:30 to 10:00 Esplanade-A, AB, BC

Location: Black Rock City, NV

Weather: Sunny, clear

Temperature: 73°/36°

Wind: 0-16 mph

We can tell a lot about how the MOOP Map might look when it’s completed just by looking at the Esplanade. In many ways, the Esplanade camps, with their beachfront property, get impacted hard with all of the people and all of the different activities. Yet for almost a decade now, the Esplanade camps have been mostly Green and clean. It seems like forever ago but once upon a time, back in 2006, the Esplanade was moopy as hell with Red and Yellow. Discouraged theme camps used to swear that it was impossible to get Green on Esplanade. But with good practices, a solid cleanup plan, the right team, and well the support from the community, the Esplanade theme camps led the way from worst to first in Leaving No Trace. The same dramatic improvement can be said about the sound camps at 2:00 and 10:00 and for the majority of Black Rock City.

Here’s a flashback glimpse of the very first MOOP Map in 2006.

Look at us now.

Playa Restoration All-Star Team: Line Sweeps photography by Moon Mandel, edited by DA

The MOOP Map Scribes, after a long day in the field, meet to transcribe their gps data to the MOOP Map. Video by DA

As always, the MOOP Map is a work in progress and a final hi-res version will be made available only after we’ve completed our work on the playa, reviewed all of our data, and verified that all of the Theme Camps are in their final correct placement.

If you are the official leader/contact of a theme camp and would like to request a MOOP Report you can do so by filling out a MOOP Report Request Form. Due to high demand from Green camps with a little bit of Red, priority will be given to Red camps.



About the author: DA


DA, wings on fire, crash-landed smack dab in the middle of Burning Man 97, ticket in hand, and never left. Three burns later, DA was adopted by the Department of Public Works' Clean-Up Crew and was awestruck at the transformative power of Leaving No Trace. DA grew to be leader, transforming the Clean-Up Crew into the Playa Restoration All-Star Team, and creating the first Moop Map in 2006 as a way to visualize the community's Leave No Trace effort. As a poster artist, DA has illustrated the launch of the Burning Man Theme for 2006 Hope and Fear: The Future, 2007 Green Man, 2008 American Dream, 2013 Cargo Cult, and 2015 Carnival of Mirrors. DA loves the Black Rock Desert and believes that if we, the community, continue to Leave No Trace, then together we can keep building and burning the world over.

24 Comments on “MOOP MAP 2018: Day 3 – So Far, So Good

  • John says:

    Keep up the great efforts !!! You guys ROCK !!!!

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  • Patricia Brugioni says:

    Thank you!!!

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  • A green unplaced camp on the moop map says:

    Why do they do such a details map, but then keep placing the camps that Moop yellow or red year after year? Why not a three strikes your out rule. We could get rid of a good majority of the placed plug-n-plays and big camps that have always been yellow or red so that someone else that actually respects LNT can replace them. We’ve heard the same story with regards to these camps about how they will improve or it wasnt their fault but they are welcomed back every year. Time to lay down the hammer and hold them accountable. it’s not that hard to get green you just sweep through camp until only dusty playa exists.

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    • GEE says:

      Since I don’t know, this is just speculation, but were the plug & plays on the outer rings, around 8:00 to 10:00, you know, where all the huge yellow patches are?

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    • Me says:

      For-profit Commodification camps are known, the BMORG just doesn’t care. The parasite class that these camps serve bring celebrity and wealth to the Org’s fundraising efforts. That’s how they purchased Fly Ranch. Bmorg is a San Francisco company, and San Francisco is completely under the boot of the tech industry. They don’t care if you’re sleeping in your own poop on the street outside the apartment that used to be yours until they moved in and started charging 18 dollars for toast. Accept it or find another event. Burning Man is awesome? But the org will never turn their backs on the Commodification Camps.

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    • Dustbunny says:

      Absolutely!! I 100% agree, this seems just common SENSE. Not even RADICAL common sense. Please please don’t devalue the GREEN camps that try and succeed in living up to the LNT ethos, by granting precious placement to serial disrespecting Camp Red Moop (s) out there.

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    • Tripi says:

      I agree with you 100%. We ALL know who are the camps that don’t care about the principles. BMORG should punish them with no placement next year.

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      • Trippi Longstocking says:

        Hey folks, Trippi Longstocking, Placement Manager here.
        If you want to know more about how Placement holds camps accountable for Leave No Trace, I can tell you all about this. In the Placement Newsletter #4 in April 2018 (you can read it here: we shared this update about the 2017 year:

        “We’re going into our second year of the LNT Success & Accountability Program. Playa Restoration and Placement have partnered up to work with high priority camps based on high (i.e. red) MOOP scores. The program has been going well – the same 37 moopiest camps from 2016 turned around to be 77% green in 2017! We’re doing it again and working directly with the camp leadership of the most red 2017 camps to go green in 2018. If you’ve reached out to asking for specifics on your camp’s MOOP, we will get to you as soon as we’re able. We’re prioritizing feedback by order of red camps.”
        Also, there was a later data correction that it should have been 85% green! So it was even better than that.

        We’ll be sharing an update on the 2018 year once Playa Restoration is complete and we’ve compiled the data. Placement and Playa Resto will be looking at the MOOPiest camps from 2017 in the program and seeing if they did better or worse in 2018.

        We intentionally don’t “no place” a camp after one bad MOOP year. Really great camps you know and love who have been green for years sometimes have an off/bad/red year. Not placing those camps for one red year would be detrimental. DA (Playa Restoration Manager) and Muppet (Placement Admin Associate and Playa Restoration Scribe) work individually with each of the MOOPiest camp to ensure they understand their found MOOP, make an LNT plan, and put it into action the following year. Per the stats above, the reddest/MOOPiest camps from 2016 became *85% green in 2017.* At the bottom of my comment I’ve included the full details from our AfterBurn report. This proves that education works. We look into consequences related to camp standing if the camp does *not* improve their MOOP from their initial round of education/support.

        At that point, Leave No Trace *is* tied to camp standing with the Placement Team, which is in turn tied to Directed Group Sale ticket access and eligibility for Placement the following year. Camps who are involved in this program get a clear email from us explaining how this will work should their MOOP not improve.

        Since implementing this program in 2016, we’ve seen great results from camps stepping up and being accountable for leaving no trace.
        Clearly though, we need to talk more about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it! I’ll tee something up for the next Placement Newsletter (which anyone can sign up for here:

        All my best,
        Trippi Longstocking

        2017 AfterBurn Report

        In April and May, Placement collaborated with Playa Restoration to call and email camp leadership of the top 37 worst MOOP score camps from 2016 (ranked on total number of non-green square feet as well as camps who were >75% red). We educated them on LNT, talked about the specific issues in their camp, and received concrete plans for how they would improve in 2017. The results comparing those camps improvement from 2016 to 2017 are fantastic: In 2016, our worst MOOP camps were on average 30% red, 25% yellow and 45% green. In 2017 these same camps were on average 7% red, 8% yellow, and 85% green! Only 3 of the 37 camps substantially worsened in 2017. 92% improved. Placement Team continued working with camps who need additional support and cultural education to be successfully interactive, public, inviting camps in Black Rock City.

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      • Eagle Eye says:

        Thanks, Trippi Longstocking. I appreciate the feedback. AND that y’all are on top of this. Cheers!

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      • Pretzel says:

        Hi all, this is Pretzel with GlamCocks. I would like to take a moment to thank Trippi Longstocking and the rest of the Org staff. The amount they accomplish with so little resources is incredible. And there are many different camps and varying factors to consider when working on placement (and it’s hard!!!).

        I belong to one of the camps that (hopefully you know and love and) has traditionally been green, but last year, 2017, had some areas of red. We were able to talk to Trippi directly and connect with other camps to learn new LNT strategies. The Org helped us up our LNT game and in 2018, we are green! We couldn’t be more happy with our progress or proud of our LNT crew and we owe some of our success to the resources provided by Trippi and the Org.

        If your camp has had issues with placement or any other issues with anything relating to the org, I have one piece of advice. Remember that you are owed nothing and that entitlement won’t get you anywhere, but I have found the Org to be VERY open to having discussions with camps or individuals who base the conversation on mutual respect and teamwork.

        Thanks again Trippi Longstocking! You help make our burn even better!


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  • Xander says:

    Thank you guy’s Out there big time

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  • Erin says:

    Such a huge effort, thank you all so so much!!

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  • Jane says:

    Why isn’t the 747 counted? Just because they moved it off site doesn’t mean it’s not on the playa.

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  • Peter S says:

    Progress this year looks very encouraging!
    Last year there was a big issue with many many many bikes left on the playa. Did the situation improve this year?

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    • Whipping Post says:

      There were many bikes left all over the city this time again, from our observations. We picked up about a dozen abandoned bikes from deep playa on Monday afternoon with our cart. We were told not to do that because it is considered stealing. We were bringing the bikes into the city, for others to haul away, for convenience, not stealing them!

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  • Doc says:

    Thanks to DA and the entire Resto team!!

    Great work!!

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  • Elutris says:

    Awesome job, resto crew! It was great working with you all at pre-resto; now you’re rocking it through the streets… Glad the weather is cooperating. Big hugs to Fox, Moose, and all you other resto animals!

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  • Diane Tomkins says:

    I am so grateful to Resto for coming behind us and verifying the quality of work we do to restore the playa. We can only improve with this feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Doug says:

    In the Past, I have read about camps who cannot believe they got red or yellow…and just thought…well probably the camp ran out of people to assist and then did what they could…or they did not understand some LNT guideline completely…or were just a “Plug and Play then Run Away”. Our camp has Moop Squads of volunteer service all week long, had Moop Groups on our Sunday All Camp Tear down afternoon, and even conducted one massive All Camp sweep of our neighboring 150 x 300 ft. of Esplanade and 80 x 100 ft. of Stage Bowl (roughly around 200 people assisted that hour). We then had Line Delayers and Exit Team people continue Mooping Areas on Monday…followed by our remaining Exit Team’s Final Tuesday Sweep. Our Final Sweep includes Mooping our almost 3 acre property until every last foot has been raked, magnet rolled, hot spot attacked…and eagle eyed of any foreign matter…splinters of wood, hair, food scraps, fuzzies blowing in the wind…everything. Many of our Exit Team are OCD about getting Green and we stayed until Tuesday just before Sunset…finally satisfied that we did everything to our fullest ability without Vacuuming the Playa. I often am reminded by several of my Exit Team compatriots who recognize my OCD Moop behavior…that the lines of Volunteer Moop people who will later sweep our property…are walking much quicker than our cowering snail Moop technique, and only stop when they see a clustered spot that needs attention. I am also encouraged with words about the compare/contrast of how quickly other camps around us do their final Moop Sweeps…and how much more time we dedicate to making certain we get Green. And so…with all we do to be LNT…recently, we were devastated to see a chunk of our property, the size of an Olympic sized Swimming Pool…bright yellow like it was filled with cream of corn soup. What happened?? We did much more LNT and Mooping scrutinization than last year, when we were as Green as the White House lawn. Puzzled and more puzzled. We will ask our Placers and soon find out what indeed was overlooked or somehow missed. But know from this story that when you see other yellow or even red spots on a fellow neighbor’s property…not all may be as negligent…as the naked eye perceives.

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  • The effa be eye says:

    Summer B was better….

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