Submit Your Burning Man 2019 Sticker Designs!

In the digital age of the short-lived meme, the sticker’s value reigns supreme.

Curtis Killorn 2018 design

The inherent prospect of permanence earns a level of attention we modern beings sometimes forget we possess as we scroll through life.

Yet this permanence doesn’t make it an artform of the elite, and therein lies the beauty. Anyone can make a sticker, and sometimes our favorite stickers are the least assuming, even janky, if you will. That doesn’t mean we don’t drool over immaculate design (oh, we do), but who can deny the delight derived from a design that makes us ponder, “WTF?” and, “Was this made with MS Paint?”

All this is to say — sticker season is upon us, and we want to see your designs! And with a theme like Metamorphoses, there’s no telling what ideas you’ll be inspired to transform into adhesive art. Apart from butterflies. Obviously there will be butterflies.

Every year we choose 10-15 designs and print hundreds of thousands of stickers to give away freely on the playa, including one as the officially-unofficial “Greeter Sticker” each Burner receives as they enter our dusty city.

So if you’re interested in seeing your sticker design materialize in the desert, here’s what to do:

Eggchair Steve 2009 design

Design Specs

Your design(s) will need to be one of three die sizes:

  • 3” diameter circle
  • 2.5 x 5.75” with a 0.125” corner radius
  • 3x 3 square with a 0.062” corner radius

If using 1–3 colors, set up the file to print as PMS. If using 4 or more colors, set up the file to print as CMYK.

Designer Tips ‘n’ Tricks

  • Round stickers are given priority for being selected as the coveted “Greeter Sticker.”
  • Include “Burning Man” or “Black Rock City” and the year 2019 in your design to get extra awesome brownie points.
  • Incorporate the theme. Or don’t. It’s your sticker. But the Greeter Sticker almost always coordinates with the theme. Also, the theme is Metamorphoses. Not Metamorphosis.
William Murray 2017 design

Submitting Your Art

  • Send either a PDF file OR (preferably) the original Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file to
  • Whether sending your design or questions, please put your first and last name in the subject header as well as the phrase “2019 Sticker Submission.”


Monday, May 13. No art can be accepted after this date!

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As Communications Project Manager, Sarah handles the magical trinity of print production, on-playa Media Mecca operations, and the Burning Man Speakers Bureau. Which basically means she gets creative, gets her hands dirty, and helps facilitate Burning Man storytelling around the world. This pleases her.

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