Sign up for the 2019 Secure Ticket Exchange Program!

The Man burns in 106 days! As we inch closer to the event in the desert, we know folks have been eagerly anticipating an update on the Secure Ticket Exchange Program. Read on for information on how you can sign up, and how you can get tickets for the younger Burners in your crew. For full Burning Man ticket information, please visit Lastly, we continue to hear your voices and concerns around this year’s Main Sale. Have a look at our previous post which gives some context for what happened, and includes a link to a statement from ShowClix.


The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is now open for those wanting to return their 2019 Burning Man tickets to the community! STEP will open for ticket requests on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12pm (noon) PDT.

NOTE: Only those who purchased tickets through their Burner Profile will see the option to sell through STEP. If you did not purchase tickets through your Burner Profile, the link to STEP will not appear until it opens for ticket buyers on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12pm (noon) PDT.

There are some exciting changes to our beloved STEP. This year we’re working with an independent company founded by passionate Burners called Lyte designed to keep tickets circulating within the community while eliminating scalpers and fraud. Even though STEP is being run through Lyte, it can still only be accessed via Burner Profiles.

Among the improvements this change offers us: we no longer have to limit the exchange to only $425 tickets, and we’ll be able to keep the program open much longer. Read the full details on the STEP page.

Kids Tickets!

Kids have been an important part of Burning Man since the beginning. In order to better support young Burners coming to the playa with their families, we offer no-cost Kids Tickets for children 12 years old and younger. All kids entering Black Rock City need to have a Kids Ticket, which is only valid in conjunction with their parent or guardian’s regular ticket or access credential. Get your Kids Tickets here.


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39 Comments on “Sign up for the 2019 Secure Ticket Exchange Program!

  • Paul Duvet says:

    Thank you for all the MAGIC!

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  • Linda says:

    Hi I’ve logged into my burner profile to sign up to register / receive / and hopefully buy a ticket through the Step plan . However there is NO link or button on my profile page. If it’s first come first serve and I’ve tried to register and can’t where does that put me in the queue ? How is one to register for the Step plan? Please provide clear information.
    Thank you for your reply : )

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  • Alex Grenier says:

    The best way to make the community happy, its link the ticket to the person who buy it with a identity piece, they do it a lot everywhere… for big festival, and just authorizing people to exchange here… because lets be honest the scammer selling ticket at hi price as exploded since its so hard to get ticket, i saw only vehicule pass above 1.5k… and ticket 3 to 5k…

    But thx you a lot for you work and creating this awesome event maybe one day i will be lucky and be able to get some ticket at the main sale

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  • Jazzie says:

    I’ve been to Burning Man 5 years in a row and I’ve never had to pay for a ticket, or anything. Here’s the trick ladies – pay attention: It’s called going to the gym 3 days a week and not eating pizza for breakfast.

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    • Bitter Pill says:

      Offers new meaning to the term “gifting economy.”

      PS ladies: you’ll have to develop some severe misandry and entitlement before things go as smoothly for you as they have for Jazzie. She’s a professional disrespect farmer. Time to get behind the plow, gals.

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    • Heidi Oleson says:

      What about if you have participated as a real Burner for 23 years, are no longer considered a sparkle pony, go to the gym but are too old to qualify for all the free stuff? I still didn’t get a ticket yet. Enjoy your youth as you too will get old.
      I am a great cook and helper and have built more than you could ever build in the gym. Your comment directed to listen up ladies is very self absorbed. I am glad you are now blessed with beauty, it too will fade. enjoy it while you have it.

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  • Sandra says:

    Hi there! I’ve tried to register for STEP through my profile, but don’t see a link to do so. It looks like the window has opened. Any insight out there? Thanks!

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    • Megan Miller says:

      Hi Sandra! The program is only open to sellers right now, so if you haven’t purchased a ticket for this year than STEP won’t show up in your Burner Profile until it it opens to buyers on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12pm (noon) PDT.

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  • Ayeh says:

    Is registration not required for buyer? Do we just show up and participate in the sale? Because there is no link to register.


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  • Stevie says:

    I got an e-mail asking me to “Complete Your Account”. Is this an official e-mail from Burning Man?

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  • Nancy Traylor says:

    I purchased two tickets in the FOMO sale and my partner backed out. If I want to put her ticket in the STEP sale, where is the link? It sent me back to the explanation of changes which I’ve read six times now.

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  • Kerry Lennon says:

    Can anyone help with tickets that were purchased during the direct group sale round and when we can redirect the postal and name information. I have a camp friend who needs to change the details to one of her tickets to my name and set it for will call collection,
    I’ve had trouble finding information on this on the website

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  • Mark Werner says:

    I am looking for help to find a place to buy tickets ? Can anyone help ?

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  • tony says:

    BAD PARENTS bring their kids to Burning MAN.. YES, I SAID IT!!!!
    (The Dust is carcinogenic, Clearly stated in the )
    3.5.1 Public Health and Safety (Including Law Enforcement)

    Respiratory Concerns
    The Closure Area is on the Black Rock Playa, which contains alkaline gypsum and silica dust that becomes
    airborne in high concentrations with Burning Man Event activities and wind (Adams and Sada 2010).
    Exposure to alkaline gypsum dust with a silica component is regulated by the Occupational Safety and
    Health Administration as a known carcinogen8. Detailed air quality analyses, including threshold limits, are
    found in Section 3.2.1. Children take in more air per unit body weight than adults, resulting in greater
    impacts from poor air quality (CARB 2000).

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    • tony says:

      Do Kid get to Consent to this Danger… moreover can they consent????

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    • Bitter Pill says:

      As long as you’ve been using Johnson&Johnson Baby Powder on your precious investments in the future, there’s nothing to worry, as – if they’ve survived the talc born asbestos this far – they’ll have certainly built up a tolerance for all airborne and skin-absorbed carcinogens by now.

      But if, as a parent, you’ve consented to habituate your kids to anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers and the like, then you’re a REALLY BAD PARENT. Read Robert Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” if you have any faith you’re helping your children to succeed in the long term.

      To contrast these two problems, cancer might be the more favorable outcome between cancer and treatment-induced mental illness, as cancer is relatively short acting, in comparison, and ultimately costs everyone a lot less.

      Thanks, have a nice day

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  • liat says:

    its already 12pm PDT and no link is available at my burner profile…..
    where do I register to STEP?

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  • Gastank says:

    Can’t say that I think much of the $10 “re-stocking” fee to sellers. Should sellers also impose a fee for their time in STEP? Can sellers do so?

    And 10% of the transaction value up to $100 as a fee to buyers?

    That’s pretty steep. Maybe share the rationale for all this. Seems like this should be part of general administration in keeping with the Principles.

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  • Mishbishfish says:

    Patiently waiting for link to appear to buy tickets via Step – but trying to figure out where to look?
    Which tab on my Profile?
    Sorry…total newbie to this and had a nightmare with the last attempt – I got ALL the error messages over the three hours I tried to get tickets.

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  • Frederick Troncone says:

    did anyone get an answer to the comment from Misbishfish who has a profile as required?

    Patiently waiting for link to appear to buy tickets via Step – but trying to figure out where to look?

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  • Elite says:

    It’s now past 12PDT and no link to burner profile. Got shut out of regular sale with this “page cannot be displayed” link.
    What ever genius creates ever new systems every year needs to be sent to Burning Man purgatory.
    So my option after 20 plus years of participation is to stay home or buy from stub hub or equivalent.
    Losing faith in B/M: can’t organize a ticket sale!

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  • Ronnie says:

    “Application Error

    Requests are coming in hot and we’re doing our best to keep up. Thanks for bearing with us.”

    What does that mean?

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  • Ya says:

    Is it based on “First come first served” or some random queue?

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  • Lindsey says:

    In general, how many tickets are usually exchanged through the STEP program?

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  • Justine says:

    I was on the holding page for over an hour with nothing happening and then got impatient fif it on another tab where it worked instantly, except now I am an 1.5 hours late even though I’ve been waiting this whole time and the man is still burning on the other page. Thanks for bearing with us….

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  • Gerald Cade says:

    If I sign up for STEP tickets and I secure a ticket through the OMG sale, may I cancel my STEP request easily?

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  • Scott says:

    Would really like some info on when I can buy my bus tickets for the burner bus! I rely on this form of transportation! Please let me know!!


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  • Terrarium says:

    I am looking for something like this. Thank you :)

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