This Just In: A NEW Way to Burn

Join Us in Reno, May 6–9, 2020

Editor’s note: We’re deep in it, some of us heading towards Black Rock City, and others looking to where we can make Burning Man happen without the dust. As the train is leaving the station we want to let everyone know we’re planning for what’s next as we build on what we’re learning together.

“Burning Man changed my life is heard so often in certain circles these days that it’s become cliche. And yet for as many lives changed, so many of us are familiar with the feeling of wanting to do more — to bring the spirit of the playa into our everyday lives, only to find ourselves struggling with exactly how to do it. 

We’re learning more about what Burning Man has to offer the world far beyond our own events and communities. Cities, cultural institutions, nonprofits, businesses, and leaders of all kinds are interested in working with and learning from us… people who have never been to a Burning Man event see value in what we’re doing and want to apply it to what they want to do.

So, how can we more effectively align our real-world realities with the culture of Burning Man? And how do we develop the skills and creative collaborations required to do this important work? 

Black Rock City and the growing global network of events around the world are powerful and inspirational, but we’ve come to believe that our community in all its forms will benefit from a different kind of context for diving into these questions and more. And you’re invited to participate. 

Save the date, and join us for a global convening in the city of Reno, May 6–9, 2020. This event will bring together over 1,500 creators, connectors, and cultural ambassadors from the Burning Man community and beyond to ideate, learn, build networks, and support thriving year-round communities made stronger by their intelligent and conscious integration of Burning Man culture.

In the spirit of Radical Inclusion, we welcome everybody and anybody who seeks to explore the question of how we can, in very practical ways, bring the best of Burning Man culture into our projects, communities, and organizations. 

This is a participatory event — a platform for learning and teaching, including over 100 talks, panels, and interactive sessions to generate enthusiasm, discussion and collaboration. You may choose to go deep around the things you hold most dear, or explore new topics while you meet interesting individuals with inspiring ideas from around the world.

Of course, this won’t be some boring conference… there’ll be no shortage of exactly what you’d expect from a Burning Man gathering: participant created content, innovative thinkers and doers, new connections, meaningful ritual, and ridiculous fun — this event is a petri dish and lab for you and your ideas to flourish.

Please join us. Stay tuned for more details including opportunities to join the production team, pricing and scholarship information, content submission information, and more. Tickets will go on sale in mid-October.

We look forward to having you join us for the launch of a new Learning Man gathering exploring how we can build bridges between our realities and work to create a better world. Thank you for taking this moment while so much swells around Black Rock City to pause and imagine what’s coming around the corner and picturing yourself a part of it. 

Reno August 2019 is the gateway for Burning Man, and Black Rock City. Reno May of 2020 is the next convening of the culture.

Top photo: The Space Whale by The Pier Group with Matthew Schultz, Android Jones and Andy Tibbetts. (Photo courtesy of 

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  • Dorrit vered says:

    Fantastic! How do I sign up… now?

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    • Eric Davis says:

      Is there a fee like next years “camp symposium”?

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    • Jenni Harrison says:

      I’m an artist and for many years have been told I should go to BURNING MAN. Ever since my niece went and came to stay with me afterwards, I have so look wanted to go. (she took a bath and it took her 15 minutes to get the plya dust out of the tub!) I don’t know how I could go rho,I am in a wheelchair because a surgeon (oops) accidentally cut the nerves in my spine and (oops) punctured my spinal cord making me a paraplegic. No violins necessary, I’ve rebuilt my life and life is good, I’m creating a lot these days, I would luv to be involved May 6-9 2020 in whatever way would be supportive, please let me know, we have to bring unity peace and love into the world in a daily ( hourly) way and help it spread, Thank you sincerely for the live videos so many have done, it has helped me feel like I’m there. Namaste.

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      • Lance says:

        Like to talk with you about Burningman stuff

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      • Pk says:

        You might be surprised to know that lots of folks who have accessibility and support needs attend the burn, and there is at least one camp that I know of that specifically supports campers of all abilities. Everyone’s physical needs are different, but if you wanted to attend the event there are definitely burners out there who can give advice and camps that can offer support, and lots of other folks who would welcome you!

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      • Alicia St Rose says:

        My friend, Dave, has been attending Burning Man for the last two years and he is a paraplegic. He does incredible things with his wheelchair out there. Making it part of a little art car. The attitude that you have right now about how you ended up only proves that you would do fine at Burning Man. You are very inspiring!

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      • Ann says:

        Yes, many people do the burn in wheelchairs. The camp mentioned above is Mobility Camp – T
        hey’d be a good resource for you.

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  • Lenny says:

    It would have been nicer if BMorg didn’t kill ePlaya, which was once a thriving community with hundreds of posts every day of the year. It was intentionally killed, and remains dead today. BMorg wasn’t fond of the challenges to its authority that crept up there.

    The NEW way to burn is to do what you’re told. And SHUT UP about it.

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    • confused says:

      OK? I mean, the eplaya is still active, although most people have moved away from old style BBS particpation in favor of other social media networks. I used to use it a lot myself but found I prefer the more personal connections of stuff like Facebook. Still check ePlaya sometimes though.

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      • confused says:

        Like, the most recent posts are from this morning.

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      • Token says:

        It’s been more or less abandoned. The technical problems and lack of reliability has driven many away.

        It remains a great resource for the basics and the mods still clean out the trash, but it desperately needs an owner inside the BORG.

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    • therealmatahari says:


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  • Alchemy says:

    I’ve started theme camping homeless camps into interactive 10 principle theme campuses. Curbside Community is a mother way to thrive and yet save money while making the best out of unused public spaces. We have 125 people in Oaland a d work with City a d Ckunty to house folks while learning how best to survive and pursue happiness while using 10 principles. Check us out. It’s a process. I’ll be in the Oakland d Post this week I’m hearing. I’m hoping some of our local community peoe can meet with Burningman leaders for leadership meet up to Metamorphesus homeless camps into thriving real parts of city life. Cultures dwell between the cracks in our sidewalks.

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  • Paxus Calta says:

    “Burning Man changed my life” drove me to not only attend, but to design an inspired event this year called Quink Fair (see www, Quink is a coined term which is roughly defined as the opposite of trauma. Where a specific event improves and/or heals you.

    Hopefully, there will be more information about how people can attend this event. And hopefully BM inc will consider speakers and presenters who are not just people that they already know.

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  • Mike E says:

    I for one am excited to have these conversations-

    1) sounds like the energy of GLC (which I have loved) coupled with:

    2) an even better outward-looking opener to Defaultia, aka the rest of the year and where we find ourselves in the world.

    Playa dust IS magic, and you all ARE angels of your better human natures.

    Orange Mike

    Margaret’s Appalachia artist 2017

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  • Ian Rhett says:

    I’m super excited about this notion of convening with the intention to innovate and create cultural pathways out of the Black Rock Desert and into the rest of the world. This will be an interesting convening, and I intend to be there for it. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT WE WILL ALSO HAVE A SERIOUS CONVERSATION ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE IMPACT WE CAN HAVE BOTH AT TTITD AND IN THE WORLD. How does LNT square with carbon emissions from gennies, RV’s and art cars, or the carbon impact of all the plastic that gets used at burns? How can we as a community make immediate and profound impact? <- This is a conversation I very much want to see happen.

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  • Dave says:

    I am 100% excited about attending and contributing to this. Keep me posted please

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  • Sunbird says:

    Where do I purchase tickets for Reno ib May 2020?

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  • Why was the man so small this year? Ive heard it is because the original designer passed? and the new person in charge is putting funds into other areas? Does anyone know?

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    • Christine "Ladybee" Kristen says:

      THe man, as always, was 40′ tall – it may have seemed smaller as its legs were inside the spiralling egg. It’s always been 40′ tall except for 2014 and 2015 when we had Gigantic Man 105 feet tall.

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  • Dale Weber says:

    We are thrilled to welcome the world to Reno next year! This is going to be an epic gathering that our town has yet to experience. Our local Regional Contacts will be working with Org staff and organizers to help pull this off. Stay tuned for call outs to our community to help in many facets and as boots on the ground. Personally I can’t wait!

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  • Darla Bayer says:

    I live in Carson City and would like to volunteer to help at this event in May. Who should I contact?

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  • Doug Bolger says:

    We love this idea. we’ve been organizing similar events for 30 years and if this event is happening in May please release some information about how you are going to structure the experiences inside as we have a great deal of experience designing for this type of community to create immersive and participatory experiences together

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