Are You Following the “Beyond Burning Man” Publication Yet? We Hope So!

Hello, Journal readers! We wanted to tell you about another periodical you might enjoy. It’s called “Beyond Burning Man,” and we’d love for you to follow it, too. Although we launched this publication around the same time we announced we would not be building Black Rock City this year, it was in the making for some time.

With “Beyond Burning Man,” our intention is to bring new readers into the Burning Man multiverse. While the Burning Man Journal tends to speak to and be framed for our core community, we hope to expand to those who are Burner-curious or perhaps have no personal connections to Burning Man (yet).

Whether we know it or not, our lives are being touched by vast, interconnected networks of creative industries, entrepreneurs and social activists, all of whom are applying the values and civic design of Black Rock City to conventional challenges. You can see this in full bloom in new forms of civic activation, in the art popping up in our cities, and in the connected global citizens who are more inspired than ever to create a better world.

“Beyond Burning Man” is a new place to tell those stories. It’s where you can see how the Burning Man ethos is playing out in the larger world of business, academia, creativity, self-discovery and more. It’s a collection of musings by our community and adjacent communities on creative culture, impact, and innovation.

We are showcasing these narratives by collaborating with third-party writers and featuring their pieces, as well as through Q&As, quick takeaways called “Highlights,” and the weekly curated “Sunday Reads” roundups. Above all, we want this platform to be a home for diverse voices, perspectives and experiences, even if — and especially when — they are a world away from the desert. As long as they share that same magic, it’s game.

So if you are developing new research, are a thought leader, a first-time author, or just think you have something worth sharing, the “Beyond Burning Man” team would love to hear from you. Here’s how to submit a story to our publication, and thanks again for following.

And don’t worry, the Journal is still where you will get all the latest news and stories from Black Rock City, the Regional Network, and our extended global community creating and collaborating to make the world a better place year round.

Top photo composite by Tanner Boeger featuring “Dream” by Laura Kimpton (Photo by Philippe Glade), “Air Pusher” by the Air Pusher Collective (Photo by Jamen Percy), NorthWest Mist Camp (Photo by Lukasz Szczepanski), background image of BRC (Photo by Jamen Percy).

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