Celebrate the Solstice With a Weekend of Community and Civic Engagement

We’ve come around to the solstice once again! For the last two years, you have joined us around the world to ring in the season, to honor our late founder Larry Harvey, and to help Leave A Positive Trace. We’ve activated in many countries and communities, bringing the Burning Man ethos and 10 Principles to the places we call home the “other 51 weeks.” This year, as many of us continue to practice social distancing, we are coming up with new creative ways to engage. Here are a few inspiring ways to practice Burner culture, kick off an entire season of community activation, and bring Home home

However and wherever you gather and activate, feel free to share pictures and videos using the hashtags #thankslarry, #burningsolstice, and #civicresponsibility. We’ll be checking out social media all weekend and will share your stuff!


First, we’re excited to share the world premiere of Larry: A Burning Man Story, a new film produced by Profiles in Dust in collaboration with Burning Man Project. Chronicling the life and influence of Burning Man’s late founder, this film features never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with Larry’s friends, family and colleagues. This special online premiere is a benefit for the nonprofit Burning Man Project. All donations will go to support ongoing efforts to bring Black Rock City back in 2021. #thankslarry

Three live online screenings will be held in three time zones to serve our global audience, and each screening will be followed by a live Q&A session with the filmmakers. The film won’t be available online after these special screening events, so gather your friends and pick a time that works best for you! 

Screening 1: Asia/Pacific 

Saturday, June 20 at 04:00 GMT (9PM PDT)

  • 12 pm in Beijing (June 21)
  • 1 pm in Tokyo (June 21)
  • 2 pm in Sydney (June 21)

Screening 2: Europe/Mideast/Africa

Sunday, June 21 at 16:00 GMT (9AM PDT)

  • 5 pm in London
  • 6 pm in Berlin
  • 7 pm in Tel Aviv

Screening 3: The Americas

Sunday, June 21 at 20:00 GMT (1PM PDT)

  • 1 pm in San Francisco
  • 4 pm in New York
  • 5 pm in Rio de Janeiro


You may recall the activation that Burners Without Borders, Burning Man Project’s Community Events team, and the Permaculture Action Network organized last year in West Oakland. It was a day of hands-on projects, creativity, music, and community engagement.

Permaculture Action Day at Hoover Elementary, photo by Chuck Revell

We know that many of us are still social distancing and taking care of each other, and are actively involved in the fight for racial and LGBTQ justice and equality. Burners Without Borders and Burning Man Regional Network invite you to host your own DIY Leave a Positive Trace initiative, all weekend long and through September 7. Take positive action in your local area, in whatever way makes sense for you! #civicresponsibility

You might help a neighbor in need during COVID-19, or join this group’s solstice meal and discuss creating a world without hunger, organize a vampire themed blood drive like Burners in Los Angeles, or lead an Urban Restoration MOOP walk to leave public areas cleaner like this one on Sunday, June 21, 11am-2pm PST in Downtown Oakland No Moop + Mural Art Walk.

Burners Without Borders has also put together this online resource with tools to help you kickstart your own community initiative or get inspired by past community projects. Let us know what you are doing by emailing us at: actionday@burningman.org. We can also add your project to our live map of 2020 activities.


Join Bay Area Burners online for a new fangled, old fashioned Friday night social. Socialize and find project collaborators, participate in a 10 Principles game show, attend a drawing salon, check out digital art and performances hosted by Burners in Burn 2, or dance among friends in a safe and encouraging online creative space. #burningsolstice

The program will kick off with an online forum from 8pm-9pm for anyone wishing to share information about projects you are leading to bring the 10 Principles home in a year without Black Rock City. If you would like to present a project to share information and find creative collaborators, email flambelounge@burningman.org

Each presenter will have a few minutes to share what they are working on and seek insights and help. We are reserving at least the first half of the program to feature and give priority to projects focused on racial justice and social equality. Art, theme camp, and other creative projects are also encouraged. 

Join the event here! 

Solstice weekend commemorates the birth of Burner culture, and this year it is aligning with a significant moment in larger society. Radical Inclusion, Civic Responsibility, and Leaving a Positive Trace in the world mean more and offer more. You decide how you want to embody the 10 Principles of Burning Man and show up in the world!

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