Ode to Off-playa Magic, Wonder, and Enchantment

As we shift deeper into the month of August, the whispers of playa are calling to me more and more frequently by the day. My initial longing always comes in the form of the desertscape itself, and this year is no different. I start picturing those early nights, walking out by myself or in a precious pair, deep into the desert darkness, so untouched that you can hear the dust skating across the surface of the ground as the wind blows.

I love these nights because when I glance up at the stars, a time when I feel an understanding of where the word stardust comes from, I experience a natural shift in perspective. For all the seemingly all-consuming individual drama, discord, or rooted struggle in one’s life, I am suddenly aware of so much more. This sense of awe, wonder, and enchantment that is often evoked in the presence of vastness can be a balm to the gripping of a present situation.

In the physical restrictions, constrictions, confines of sheltering in place, I think about how to connect with, conjure, or stoke that sense of playa spaciousness or spacelessness, the awe-inducing experience of big art or absurd undertaking. The thing is, I find that in equal and opposite fashion, one can engage with the same sense of awe, wonder, and enchantment with the small; whether the elegance and grace of something ingenious or the infinite in something detailed.

With that, be it the dance of the flame on a single wick, the pattern of an unexpected overnight spider web, or otherwise, as we continue on this journey, I invite you more fully into witnessing the off-playa magic, synchronicities, and coincidences all around. You might even consider journaling about the miniature majestic moments you are appreciating, or sharing some of them with us as comments to this post.

Until again, from the heart,

Laura “Curious” Fallon

About the author: Laura C. Fallon

Laura C. Fallon

Laura C. Fallon is a People Partner at Burning Man Project. Despite spending over a decade of her formative years dancing, Laura’s first year in the dust was 2015. Content immersed in desert awe and appreciation, Laura has been participating in Black Rock City and Regional Events ever since. Laura joined Burning Man Project in 2018 and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She has woken herself up from laughing in her sleep and believes in the power of resonance.

4 Comments on “Ode to Off-playa Magic, Wonder, and Enchantment

  • Leslie Moyer says:

    Thank you for this sweet reminder, Laura! My recent miniature majestic moments to share: walking on the hill behind my house at sunset, being trailed by 11 silhouetted horses single file. Going on a recent weekend hike walking my dog, a little girl doing a foot-grab and yelling “I did it!” as she jumped into a swimming hole I walked past. Savoring ripening blackberries one street over on my morning walk.

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  • Ramanna says:

    I’m just so thankful for the magic and wonder and majestic beauty in the little things and mystic wonder of the sunset in summertime and the touch of a strangers hand on my knee and children playing in the rain below the heaven of stars above with friends and family all around wishing such good will to all in this transformative experience that we are all in together, like children in the same womb of life to be born Jewish, the chosen few.

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  • JAMES R KEELER says:

    I love the unstoppable spirit. I know you dream about Burning Man. We will have a beautiful encounter.

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  • James Keeler says:

    We can meet in rem. Join us in the state of dreaming.
    It is beautiful. It is easy, just set yourself up in the nocturnal world by affirming before you close your eyes to sleep, you are on the Playa. Envision yourself on the playa as you coast into sleep. See you there.

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