Announcing the Virtual Burning Man Experiences for 2021!

Greetings Burners, dreamers, creators, cultural instigators, and community builders!

Whether or not we’re able to return to the physical Black Rock City this year, we are excited to announce that we are once again working with visionary creators and technologists in our community to build a constellation of Virtual Burning Man Experiences for 2021 we’re calling the Virtual Burn. 

These radically inclusive, virtual Burning Man worlds will invite anybody with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, to contribute to the creativity, community and culture we so enjoy, whether they’re using a virtual reality headset, a desktop computer or a mobile device.

More than 165,000 people participated in the Multiverse virtual offerings in 2020. These whimsical, interactive, and awe-inspiring worlds played host to Burners (and Burn-curious) from around the world, who discovered that Burning Man is more than a place; it’s an opportunity to engage deeply with others through authentic connections around a shared passion for Radical Self-expression.

The remarkably inventive teams behind the 2020 worlds are reigniting them for 2021, building out bigger, richer, and more interactive environments to play, collaborate, celebrate, and participate in meaningful (and yes, digital!) Virtual Burn experiences. 

We are over the moon to announce the virtual worlds participating this year:

  • BRCvr
  • Build-A-Burn
  • Dusty Multiverse
  • The Infinite Playa
  • SparkleVerse
  • BURN WEEK: Global Live Stream

And, as has been the case since it went online in 2007, you can drop in and check out Burning Man’s long-running virtual Regional community, BURN2.

How to Participate

Ready to jump in and contribute as an artist, developer or volunteer? Get started by filling in our participation form!

As always, YOU are encouraged to bring your imagination, your enthusiasm, and your mad skills to help bring the Virtual Burn to vibrant life. Just like Black Rock City, Virtual Burning Man Experiences are created by participants who gift art installations, Mutant Vehicles, theme camps, performances, and events to the greater community — and we all benefit. Whether or not you have technical experience, you can play a part!

There’s more to come — in the meantime, consider how you want to play, then dive in and participate in building this year’s amazing Virtual Burn.

Cover image of Helios by Kate Raudenbush, BRCvr 2020

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11 Comments on “Announcing the Virtual Burning Man Experiences for 2021!

  • Karen says:

    Virtual Burning Man is the best! I had more fun with the virtual burns last year than all previous years on the Playa combined! I made so many friends and not even one of them gave me a temporary or permanent disease. Virtual Burns are the future. There’s really no need to hold the event on the Playa when staying home and being in front of your computer is so much more satisfying, interactive, transformative and inclusive.

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  • Tom (the Bishop) Andrejko says:

    Time to end the pandemic, scamdemic !!!! With 99% recovery rate , what are we hiding behind face mask for ???? Time to end the NWO game.

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  • Mia Wallace says:

    Burn2 Regional Burnal Equinox event is April 9-11

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  • Patriautism says:

    Tom (the Bishop) Andrejko: Are you for real?! How did you sneak in amongst the “boughts”, “robots” and “roadblocks”, infiltrating to Parrot-ive the narrative? I’ll bet your a Russian spy!
    (I’m on your side.)

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  • Patriautism says:

    Why does everything written in this journal sound like it comes straight from the United Nations?

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  • Golden Kolden says:

    BURN 2022, can we plan for this?? What’s gunna be the tickPrice? This will be my first time and dammit if I’m gunna do it “virtually” #allrdygotsmyshots #amarinestory

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  • Trilo Byte says:

    Burn2 used to go by the name Burning Life, and I believe traces back to 2003 (ost of the creators of the Second Life virtual world were burners, and the ones who had to miss the real-world event so they could keep the servers running built their own virtual event.

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  • Jess says:

    When is Burning Man VR 2021 happening? Did I miss that somewhere or the dates aren’t solidified yet? (or at least get an idea of which month)

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