Ready to Burn Beyond Time and Space? Meet the Worlds of 2021 Virtual Burning Man!

How much do we love the humans who spent months co-creating this summer’s Virtual Burn? A whole heck of a lot. Since last year’s Multiverse, devoted teams of independent technologists have been deep in code, pixels, and social engineering, building six wholly unique virtual experiences that will welcome virtual Burners from around the globe August 22 through September 7, 2021. And yes — YOU are invited.

Each world is building on the remarkable adventures shared last year — co-creating new and highly imaginative ways to explore what it means to be a virtual Burner.

Let’s do it again — bigger, smarter, wilder, shinier, and more radically inclusive! Bring your crew to the Virtual Burn, August 22 through September 7, 2021. Explore all the worlds here and take advantage of pre-sale tickets — 20% off until July 15, 2021.

Before You Meet the Worlds, a Little History

Back in 1990 when Burners first found themselves in the Black Rock Desert, there was a lot to learn. Was it fun? Oh yeah. Was it weird? Yes indeed. Did that foray into the Great Unknown kick off a new creative culture? Seems likely.

Similarly, 2020’s Multiverse saw the global Burning Man community embark on a new, exploratory and creative adventure into the virtual realm. In 2020, more than 165,000 people came to play. They brought theme camps and art, produced events, shared stories around burn barrels, danced until dawn, and embarked on unpredictable deep playa excursions. Sound familiar?

It was rough around the edges, and it was experimental. We like it that way. We’re not seeking a shiny corporate experience; we’re helping digital creators imagine and build speculative new community spaces and experiences.

As with any Burn Week, the minute you strike camp, you start imagining what you’re going to build next. It’s how we got here, and why hundreds of thousands of Burners around the world actively co-create Burning Man events and culture, year after year.

Imagine the awesome potential of building radically inclusive virtual spaces that exist beyond time and space, that operate in alignment with the 10 Principles, and that permit large-scale acts of creativity that are not constrained by the laws of physics. Now invite the world.

Meet the Six Worlds of the 2021 Virtual Burn


SparkleVerse is a magical online city accessible from desktop computers. Our digital playa is a 2D browser-based map with social features where you can wander through art, music, and experiences co-created by participants. To participate in SparkleVerse you need an internet connection, browser, headphones, and Zoom.

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Unleash your creativity! Build-A-Burn is a network of browser-based virtual worlds with spatial video chat. Burners can freely explore the camp metaverse for moments of spontaneity and serendipity. It’s incredibly easy to co-create a camp, add art, and customize everything with their tools and growing art library — anyone can easily create a unique experience to delight fellow Burners. To participate in Build-A-Burn you need a computer or mobile device, an internet connection, and a browser.

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Burn Week Global Live Stream

Participate in an around-the-world live stream of artists and change makers — or livestream yourself! The FREE GA pass allows you to view daily live streams, the Man Burn and Temple Burn in an interactive environment. The Extended Experience pass includes all of the above, plus you can rewatch the broadcast for 30 days after the event, and have watch parties with friends. To participate in Burn Week Global Live Stream you need a computer, an internet connection, and a browser.

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The Infinite Playa™

The Infinite Playa, is a photo-realistic digital simulation of the Playa that puts participants at the center of an interactive and social world of art, music, games, talks, performances and so much more. Customize your avatar and cruise our immersive virtual Playa with friends and make new ones, interacting with fellow Burners via in-world text and video chat. The Infinite Playa is available on any desktop or laptop computer, best experienced using the latest version of Chrome or Safari Browser and a minimum of 6 mbps internet download speed.

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Dusty Multiverse

Dusty Multiverse is a high-fidelity 3D environment accessible by mobile devices and VR headsets. Participants can customize their 3D avatar, explore the digital playa, and talk to others via live voice and chat. To participate in Dusty Multiverse you need a smartphone, browser, and internet connection OR a VR headset.

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BRCvr is an award-winning truly immersive experience that hosts the global Burning Man community year-round. We are an inclusive community where cultural, ethnic, sexual and gender identities are celebrated and shared. During the Virtual Burn 2021, join tens of thousands of like-minded artists, technologists, dreamers and pranksters on PC, MAC or most VR Headsets. Visit over 300 camps and art pieces and engage with 1500+ hours of events created to cultivate connection, community, and celebration. To participate in BRCvr you need a free AltspaceVR account; download the app on your Mac, PC, or VR headset.

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Although not one of the licensed worlds of Virtual Burn 2021, BURN2 is an official virtual Burning Man Regional event running on the SecondLife platform. This vibrant virtual community has been going strong since2003, hosting periodic official events. BURN2 will run concurrently with the Virtual Burn. You’re encouraged to visit and participate!

Burn 2 invites you to come visit during Virtual Burn 2021 — then come back for Burn2’s main event in October, which will be a much larger, week-long echo of Black Rock City, featuring many familiar elements of Home. Burn2 is for YOU if: you are interested in the SecondLife 3D virtual world; you’re looking for a very active year-round virtual Burning Man community with seasoned real-life Burners; you want the ability to make playa dust angels, snuggle your avatar friends, partner & group dance, ride in art cars, and interact with 3D art..

Access Burn2 Here.


*Virtual Burn 2021 is being created by the community for the community. Burning Man Project is facilitating participation in these independent experiences by making tickets available on behalf of their producers. See the Virtual Burn 2021 FAQ for more details, including Burning Man Project’s ticket terms and conditions and the contact information for each experience.

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  • Rex Hard Core says:

    Amazing. Virtual Burning Man sounds super fun. It kinda makes me wish it was happening the week after Burning Man. We’re going to be on the playa this year doing Burning Man IRL, and it would be super cool if VR Man was extended for a week after the festival. Just a thought.

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    • kbot says:

      Well, enthusiastic Burner, you can do both! Virtual Burn will be two weeks this year — starting August 22 (aka Build Week in BRC) and running through traditional Burn Week until strike day on September 6.

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  • Yvette says:

    Indeed! They can freely explore the camp metaverse for moments of spontaneity and serendipity. So amazing!

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  • Tile Installer says:

    It’s nice to hear that they brought theme camps and art, produced events, shared stories around burn barrels, danced until dawn, and embarked on unpredictable deep playa excursions.

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  • Amazing. Virtual Burning Man sounds super fun. It kinda makes me wish it was happening the week after Burning Man!

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  • Super Suz says:

    Wondering if BURN2 in Second Life is participating in Virtual Burning Man Week? We are! The ticketed virtual event includes these worlds. BURN2 is having their week-long, huge virtual event in October and stuff is going on at BURN2 for the last weekend for August, including performances, and burns.

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