Waking Dreams: A Hopeful Wakeup Call From Halcyon

This is the fourth installment in a Journal series that explores the ins and outs and random asides of this year’s Burning Man theme, Waking Dreams: past, present and future visions of our hypnagogic reality.

Everyone interprets a Burning Man theme from their own unique perspective, and that’s just as it should be. Yet occasionally someone gets to the heart of the story in ways I couldn’t have imagined when writing it. After all, a theme is just the shell of a story, waiting to be occupied and lived in. And that’s certainly the case with this video from longtime community member and frequent Journal contributor Halcyon. It’s a short but inspiring talk about letting go of certainty and embracing the unknown to create positive change in our lives and in the world. It’s a powerful reminder that moments of great change bring great possibilities, if only we are willing to make our dreams real in the world.

Halcyon is a 24-year Burner who brings his playa experience to every aspect of his life, from his outreach programs for people without housing to his “First Saturdays” monthly gifting circle to his free daily virtual Gratitude Circles. This year he’ll be helping to bring back the camp he co-founded, Pink Heart, to Black Rock City.

About the author: Stuart Mangrum

Stuart Mangrum

Stuart is the director of Burning Man Project's Philosophical Center and host of the Burning Man LIVE podcast. Since his first Burn in 1993 he has participated as a theme camp organizer, artist, and year-round staff member contributing to the Project's communications, education, and storytelling efforts.