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Devyn Madsen
As a seasoned event producer, community organizer, and prolific artist, Devyn Madsen has been deeply engaged with Burning Man culture throughout the years and around the world. In addition to leading theme camps and facilitating a Houdini-style escape act from a hot air balloon over playa, she has held lead roles in producing events such as San Francisco Decompression, Precompression, and Burnal Equinox, organized Burning Man’s annual auction at The Artumnal Gathering, cooked and planned meals for 250 community leaders at the European Leadership Summit, catered for over 1000 people at Desert Arts Preview, and has been part of the Everywhere Pavilion Team and Man Pavilion Aerial Performances in Black Rock City. In 2020 she took on a significant role with Kindling as a web producer, designer, publisher, and community manager. She is also the Content Director for the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, and an Assistant Producer of San Francisco’s beloved Edwardian Ball.