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Lucy Alesbury
Born and raised in England, Lucy’s dream of saving endangered species from extinction led her to leave her hamlet in the countryside to travel across five continents, where she picked up six languages and became an adventure tour guide and interpreter. Six years living in 15 Hispanic countries left a deep impression on Lucy, due to the overwhelming hospitality and kindness she continually experienced. She wanted to give back to the Latino community in some way and so, since moving to Southern California, has been working with Latino-based nonprofits to assist with matters such as food waste and food insecurity. Since her first burn in 2014, where she helped build the Struts ‘n’ Bolts catenary dome, she has joined her local OC camp, Running of the Balls, where she was given the playa name ‘Squirrel’ - because she manages to engage with everyone everywhere, seemingly all at the same time, never needing to stop and rest for more than five minutes at a time! She aims to encourage the world to live in the moment, care for the environment and get to know the locals!