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Jennifer Richter (aka Preamble) is a Meta Regional Contact based in Washington, DC, whose role is dedicated to social alchemy, education and development within the Burner community. Preamble has spent much of her adult career in multimedia training and development for non-profit, corporate and government agencies. As part of her volunteer role with the Burning Man Network, she is co-lead of the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference (MALC), a member of the Local Leadership Event Organizers (LLEOs), and one of the newest members of Nation of Makers (NOM). Burning since 2014, Preamble, a self-professed conference and event organizer, always admired artists for That is until 2017 when she realized she had a knack for helping build and burn things. That led to the building of multiple effigies and temples and eventually to rigging pyro. What more could a girl ask for? Perhaps her email tagline “Because life is an adventure” sums it up. Indeed it is.