“Mutant Vehicles of BRC: the Makers, the Magic, the Mayhem”

Since the arrival of the first art car on playa in the ’90s, Mutant Vehicles (MVs) have since evolved and become an intrinsic, awe-inspiring part of both the Burning Man event and culture. This series explores a handful of MV creators, artists, instigators, DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) volunteers, and the historical importance of these mobile pieces of art — a mix of engineering marvels and creative genius — and the people who bring them to Black Rock City.

(Cover image of Mutant Vehicles in line at the DMV, 2017 • Photo by Philippe Glade)

  • Small-scale, Sustainable Mutant Vehicle Creates Big Playa Magic

     THE INSPIRATION Harley’s mutant vehicle journey began way back in 2003, when he used a $1,500 work bonus to purchase an old hearse which he then converted into an art support vehicle named “Hearsila, Queen of the Desert.” Over the next two years that Hearsila made it to playa, Harley added a 12’ brass dance …Read More