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This is the home of the results and analysis of the Black Rock City Census. Ever wonder who goes to Burning Man? Here are the answers. Want to help out with Census? Volunteer!

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2015 Census Results

  • Play and Possibility: Organic Racial Contact at Burning Man

    By Vernon L. “Uncle Vern” Andrews At the turn of the last century, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote that the problem of the 20th century would be the problem of the color line. Du Bois was concerned with racial equality, institutional inclusion and increasing the social and economic power of non-whites in American society (Du Bois, …Read More
  • How Burning Man Participants Spiritually Self-Identify

    By Tammy Lesueur The Census Team looks at how Burners define their identities and selves. Who are we, and what do we believe? Religion and spirituality are intimate parts of those identities, and Burners express them in a variety of ways. …Read More
  • Art From Data: The Field Notes Project

    By Leah Gold (“Athena”) Does Burning Man enrich your life? Do you wear costumes at Burning Man? Why or why not? Have you ever met someone new and fallen in love in Black Rock City? Please describe. What is the single most surprising or unconventional piece of equipment you bring to Burning Man? Interesting questions, are …Read More
  • Researchers Share First Findings on Burners’ Transformative Experiences

    By Daniel Yudkin Many people report having a transformative experience in Black Rock City. They see Burning Man events as something truly out of the ordinary and often find it impossible to describe Black Rock City and what happens there. We — a team of psychologists, neuroscientists, and anthropologists working in collaboration with the Black …Read More
  • Getting to and From Black Rock City Takes Time and Patience

    By Tammy Lesueur As a longtime Burning Man participant, I know planning arrival and departure is something we all talk about and try to time. Yes, time. No one wants to be stuck waiting in line for hours. Some of us may shudder thinking back to 2013 when a predicted thunderstorm led to the entire …Read More

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