Welcome to Atlanta, GA

Have you ever been to Atlanta, GA?

A very walkable city (at least within some of the neighborhoods) full of (from what I’ve seen in a few hours here) cute, tree-lined streets, brightly colored flowers galore, and friendly people who actually say hello when you pass them on the street. Flying in last night, it reminded me of Los Angeles – big and somewhat intimidating as it sprawled out before my eyes all a glimmer with lights and a great view of downtown. I wasn’t sure what to expect from that perspective and am excited to find a city brimming with culture and friendly people.

I met up with the Atlanta Regional Contacts Jessica and Danielle as well as Troy, an active member of the Atlanta Burner community. I instantly felt welcome in this new city as we discussed the challenges of planning an event, growing and nurturing their local community, and just getting to the darn playa from so far away.


rc jess


rc danielle


troy cobb

Next on the agenda: Atlanta Bunnies Hit the Town and a workshop for the Quadrapass Project.

About the author: Bex


Bex Workman is the Regional Network Administrator for Burning Man. She is fond of rubber chickens, clowns and pirates. Ye have been warned.