Catch a ride, meet a friend


Carpooling. It seems just yesterday ( really? was it really 1973? wow.) when carpooling was the new, new thing.

And now, it is again! Carpooling, Ridesharing, call it what you want–thanks to the wonder of the interwebs, the Burning Man 2007 Rideshare Board, now with 100% more seats, is ready for your commuting to the playa pleasure!

As CameraGirl put it: ” Please help us spread the word so that folks can cram more burners and toys into less vehicles than ever before… saving the world one digital-hitchhiking-thumb at a time…”

Word. Carpooling/Ridesharing to the playa is simple: you can ask for a ride, or offer one. Ask for stuff to be hauled or, wait for it, offer to haul stuff. From anywhere. On any date. Whew! Technowonder 9000!

Seriously, it’s super easy to use. So use it. And have more time/energy/money/planet to use on other stuff. Plus, new friends!

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About the author: Tom Price

Tom Price

Tom Price is the former Executive Director of Black Rock Solar. Prior to that he was the Environmental Manager for Burning Man during the Green Man theme, and was in the Gulf Coast for six months during the genesis of Burners Without Borders. He's been attending Burning Man since 1997, and he's proud to say that his decade plus streak of breaking down from sun stroke on the playa on day three remains intact.

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