Not a moment to loose, I returned to the states from London and took off running the next morning to find Transformus and my Dirty Southern Burner friends. The drive to Deerfields was familiar. The air was steamy and humid, very different from my last visit to the region. Everything was huge and green, the fields of tobacco and corn were significantly taller and bursting with activity.

I arrived wind swept and a bit shell shocked and was greeted by a grinning Stan and K Lo from the Transformus board. It was so nice to see friends and familiar faces and I quickly realized that I was in fact home. That became all the clearer when I tracked down my camp and friends the Dirty Southern Burners.

Fondu makes a mean batch of French Toast!

That first day is a blur of setting up camp and helping Danielle from Atlanta with the woven bamboo hat that was to adorn the head of the effigy. A regal and towering Dixie Belle. Designed by Danielle and Verbana Maya she was their first big art project together if you can believe that!
Building Dixie BelleBuilding Dixie Belle 2Dixie Belle!

I FINALLY met Chw! Four trips to the south and we kept missing each other.
Chw Clown

There is one thing I must say about Transformus – ART! ART! ART! Everywhere I looked, every little camp was just oozing with it. With 1200 participants attending, Transformus is the second largest Regional Burn and it was obvious that everyone there took their participation and art seriously. It was as overstimulating as Burning Man with amazing things happening everywhere at all times.

Lots of art involving heads in Mysteria.
Big HeadSmall HeadLower Lake HeadsWood Heads

Bottle Cap Man
Bottle Cap Man

Jellyfish are everywhere AND they don’t pay rent!

The center pavilion served as the Center Camp area. Underneath you could stop by TITS (Transformus Information Transmission Station a la Playa Info), learn about LNT and MOOP and get a pair of gloves for moop patrol from the awesome Miss Rocky, sign up for a Ranger or other Volunteer shift, get your stubbed toe checked out by the Medical team, you could leave or take a gift from the Gifting Tree!

WordPlay made the Gifting Tree.
Gifting Tree 1Gifting Tree 2

There was just so much to see all the time that I decided the best way to see as much of Mysteria (the name of the city) as possible was to go on MOOP patrol. Not only did I get to help out with Leave No Trace but it was a great way to meet new people and see and experience some of the treasures hidden throughout the paths and trees of this magical city.

Stina and her Bootytique – a great place to find that fabulous piece of clothing you were missing!

Amish Eggs
Amish Eggs

Gate in the woods
GateClose up Gate

There were quite a few Regional Contacts there as well. Many of whom you already know from previous entries in this here blog: Phyrebolt from SC, Bash from Wilmington, Sauce from Charlotte, Miss Kitten from Virginia, Anthony from New Orleans, Danielle from Atlanta and a few new faces to the blog – Storm from Orlando and Bunk from New Hampshire.

Team Regional at the Big Puffy Yellow bash – from left, Storm, Danielle, Anthony, and Bunk!
Team Regionals

In the blink of an eye, burn night was upon the city of Mysteria. The Dixie Belle was complete and our very own Bash from Wilmington coordinated the Fire Conclave before the burn. So many performers, so many friends it was a site to behold. Looking around I saw Regionals and friends everywhere working hard and coming together for a beautiful night of celebration. What a wonderful burn it was!

My apologies for not have better photos of burn night, I volunteered as a Transformus Ranger and was busy working the perimeter for the burn and not able to capture but a few priceless moments. I must say, Rangering is the way to go on a burn night. Front and center view for everything AND helping to make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time.

Burning Belle

No, Danielle’s head is not on fire but she sure was happy to see Miss Dixie Belle burning!
Danielle Belle

Danielle and DPW rockstar WeldBoy working hard to keep the burn a safe one.
Weld Boy and Danielle

I must say that my time at Transformus felt too short. It just wasn’t possible to get everywhere and experience it all. I left with a strong desire for more time to experience and participate in this wonderful community and event. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the Dirty Southern Burners!

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Bex Workman is the Regional Network Administrator for Burning Man. She is fond of rubber chickens, clowns and pirates. Ye have been warned.