UK Burners!

The shock of hitting the streets of London after Nowhere was rough. It really did feel like returning from the playa but it was time to move along and find out what the UK burners are up to.

My first stop was to Salisbury to meet up with Russell Wiltshire, one of the Regional Contacts for UK. Russell lives many hours from London so we met in the middle and paid a visit to Stonehenge.

Russell Wiltshire

He’s been working to coordinate and support local beach clean ups and educate about Burners without Borders. We spent the day discussing his efforts and the challenges of taking on such large civic minded projects. It was great to meet him and be reminded once again that yes, we really are everywhere.

Back in London I spent time with Santiago and Matt (aka Snowstorm) the two Regional Contacts who live there and made a visit to Burning Pub.


Goofing with Santi
Bex and Santi

Burning Pub is the monthly gathering of London burners. A great chance for everyone to get together and see friends, make new ones, ask questions, plot and scheme for the playa – you name it.

Duncan and Mimi
Duncan and Mimi

Josh the Volunteer Coordinator for Nowhere

Our very own Marian Goodell happened to be in London and joined us!
Marian Burning Pub

This month was a special treat with a slide show and presentation about the temples at Burning Man.
Slideshow Presentation

The room was PACKED with people and friends just back in the city from Nowhere. Laughter and stories filled the air as people caught up and shared about their recent adventure. Add to it the fact that Burning Man is only a few weeks away and the energy of Burning Pub was on fire!
Burning Pub!

Yomi was there – he helped start Nowhere and helps on the Media Team on playa.

Everyone looks so different when they’re clean!
Team Nowhere

A definite must if you happen to be in London at the right time. Get in touch with our UK Regionals to find out more: uk(at)burningman(dot)com

About the author: Bex


Bex Workman is the Regional Network Administrator for Burning Man. She is fond of rubber chickens, clowns and pirates. Ye have been warned.