Random Items Your Future Self Will Be Glad You Brought With You (Part 2 of 2)

Every year, I have at least a few moments of crisis or annoyance that I failed to bring an item I really should have remembered to bring.
Yesterday, we discussed important things like lip balm, baby wipes, ear plugs, sun shower and wide-brimmed hats.

Today, we’ve got 5 more random items your future self at Burning Man will be happy your current self remembers to bring.

Batteries – Get more batteries than you think you’ll need. Trust me on this one. I’ve had discussions with my friends about this and we’ve concluded that, for some unknown reason, batteries tend to wear out faster on the playa. Maybe it’s due to overuse? Maybe the heat or dust affects them in some way. Who knows? The point is to bring along at least 2-3 spare sets of batteries for every item than requires batteries. Most importantly, we’re talking about blinky lights, a bike light, boom box, flashlight, megaphone, vibrator or anything else you absolutely must have with you on the playa. Don’t forget to dispose of your batteries properly post-playa!

headlampHeadlamp – Sure, many people go the blinky light route and that’s fine and dandy but i personally prefer a rock solid headlamp any day over a chintzy blinky light. For one, you’re much more likely to have light where you need it — in front of you — when riding a bike or walking, which is key for both you and the people around you when traversing across the playa in the dark. Headlamps are going to cost you a bit more money but are much more likely to last you the entire week, and then some, whereas blinky lights aren’t really made to last (but they do blink, so there’s that). You future self will be so happy you brought this!

Condoms – OK, so maybe this is wishful thinking if you’re a single guy — or girl, for that matter! — but c’mon now, it always pays to be protected from the elements. And since you already know that attending Burning Man requires a lot of pre-protection from said elements and to ensure you come out of this experience in one piece, condoms most certainly qualify as protection from various … elements. Honestly, it’s good to have them with you. You just never know when that magical moment strikes you and you find yourself with a brand spanking new playa buddy. Don’t disappoint your playa buddy! Be prepared, be safe and be happy! Yay!

Extra Toilet Paper – While the portapotties are supposed to have toilet paper in them, sometimes those portapotties that see brisk usage run out before a new roll can be installed. And that’s no good for those who really really need to go! Can you think of few worse things than realizing there’s no toilet paper right after you need it most? Exactly. Bring along half a roll or a full roll in your backpack before you go roaming around the playa at night. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Oh and don’t forget, use 1-ply toilet paper only!

Pain Reliever – Sure, i know there are some of you out there that can’t imagine why anyone would want to be relieved of pain (i think that’s a different kind of pain!), but i am willing to bet you’re going to want a pain reliever at some point during the week. Anyone who drinks alcohol can attest to needing a pain reliever or three after a big night of drinking. But you also never know when you might start feeling sick or get a headache and need to take it easy for awhile. In fact, pain reliever is also a good thing to stick in your backpack when you head out for an extended trip on the playa.

That’s all for now. Of course there are a bajillion more things i haven’t mentioned, so it’s important to peruse the web site, especially hints from Heloise Of The Playa.

About the author: timmmii

Tim was not born on a bayou, but he wishes he had, as that would be more romantic. Tim is a writer, editor, picky eater, lighter of some fluids, co-founder of Fireside Storytelling, wannabe statistician, avid bicyclist, host of the radio show Down The Well w/ Timmmii on RadioValencia.fm, fighter, loud, and Burning Man maven since 1999. Tim has other talents too but he prefers to leave you guessing.

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  • timmmii says:

    From Nicole Bratt: Love reading these, Timmmii. Keep em coming. See you in a matter of days!

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  • Admiralllll says:

    I guess you missed the display in the “green” pavilion decrying the use of batteries. Didn’t you know that along with aerosal cans, styrafoam, and Haliburton; using batteries is destroying the planet? You should be powering those devices with a bicycle generator like they had on Gilligan’s Island!

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  • PDL says:

    Toilet paper 1ply take roll out. Don’t be leaving empty rolls all over and porta potties can get backed up if you use anything but 1ply.

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