Look who’s here!

The Man went up today. All hail the Man!

About the author: John Curley

John Curley (that's me) has been Burning since the relatively late date of 2004, and in 2008 I spent the better part of a month on the playa, documenting the building and burning of Black Rock City in words and pictures. I loved it, and I've been doing it ever since. I was a newspaper person in a previous life, and I spent many years at the San Francisco Chronicle. At the time I left, in 2007, I was the deputy managing editor in charge of Page One and the news sections of the paper. Since then, I've turned a passion for photography into a second career. I shoot for editorial, commercial and private clients. I've also taught a little bit, including two years at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and a year at San Francisco State University. I live on the San Mateo coast, just south of San Francisco in California.

18 Comments on “Look who’s here!

  • Alex says:

    Hey, who’s that guy with his head in the clouds?

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  • Kat says:

    Yup. He sure has his head in the clouds but at least he has it now. :)

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  • artgenerator says:

    Yes its a great thing you doing .
    Mucho succes in doing and runnig those project’s.
    It get’s the fire in me .
    So stick it up and burn it .
    For me it get’s some light in the dark .
    So mucho greatzzzzzz

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  • Kara says:

    I can feel the flames now!!! If anyone sees my Gypsy Pirate Jedi Rock Star son Dustin (he’s cooking for y’all at commisary) tell him Mommy sends love and looks forward to sharing dust and smiles on Monday. Big Blessing and Hail to the MAN Kara

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  • Dia says:

    This blog fills me with such a profound sense of what could only be described as home sickness.
    Reading is a massive does of masochism – since I can’t join everyone this year – but I have this unrelenting desire to feel connected.

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  • Nicole Doherty says:

    The Man’s aura is breathtaking! Thank you to everyone out there that works so incredibly hard! We are so very appreciative. Are we there yet?

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  • Jinkies says:

    blog more blog more blog more. I must check this blog 20 times a day for new posts. please blog more. :)

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  • ashish says:

    breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking

    thanks for all that you do

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  • Yes me too (re: Dia), no go this year…but I’m so excited for all my friends going and then of course 2009 will be divine.

    love to all the burners, you guys dust!

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  • Skweekerz says:

    Looks amazing!!!!!!
    You guys are doing amazing out there! Thank you!! Thanks for having great pictures as well!!
    Each one of you out there are awesome!

    Is it a male/female this year? Ive heard some talk on it being a female?

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  • garman says:

    thanks for the great blog, but gotta agree w/ Jinkies!
    way too into checking this blog from the default world.
    will. not. check. tomorrow.
    ok. maybe once. before we finish packing…
    C U on playa!

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  • Princess Fussypants says:

    My sweetheart is in the commissary too! HI VAUGHN! Knowing about what he is doing out there has given me such a better appreciation for how our city is built and all of your hard work. Thank you all so much and thank you for the blog that brings it to us!

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  • While everyone else here in Chicago meets the dust this year, I’ll be prepping for our decomp on Sept 27th. Have a STELLAR burn this year, everyone. If y’all need any last-minute off-playa tech support, hit me up.


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  • Sidney says:

    and he won’t be there in a week from now!
    I can’t wait to burn it!!!!!

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  • Larry Boywitt says:

    Love the Blog making me miss it more though. Ranger Pinto

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  • markamerica says:

    Question! When was the last time the man was raised by participants pulling a rope?

    I’ve been (losing lots of time I should be working) browsing the image gallery, reading uh, things, and a question occurred — was my first man, the 2008 man, raised by participants with a rope? and when? and could I figure out how to be there for it in 2009?

    I remember this blog, and now I see that a crane lifted him. I imagine a few people missed pulling the first time the man was not lifted by community rope pulling. Can anybody tell me that story?

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  • chuck says:

    Can anyone help!!!! my girl friend and i have a RV we took to b-man last year but on our way back it blew a head… its in reno but need about $2500 in work…. if anyone could help me in anyway i offering to pick them up and feed them all 7 days…. i have 2 big beds and will sleep out side if i need to…. please if anyone can help in anyway let me know b-man coming soon..much love..

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