Regional Event Season!

Rainbow over Nowhere 2008 - photo by Bongo Pedro
Rainbow over Nowhere 2008 – photo by Bongo Pedro

Spring has sprung, the Man burns in 110 days, and there is no doubt that Regional Event season has arrived and is well under way.

For the first time ever, we have posted the list of Official Regional Events on – check it out:

The list is long and encompasses multi-day camping events that meet the event criteria and guidelines required to be considered an Official Burning Man Regional Event.

Flipside and PDF are just around the corner next, followed closely by the first official event in Paris (Burning Day and Night), Apogaea, Nowhere, and way too many to name in the weeks in between. There is no denying that Regional Event Season is upon us.

Totem – Playa del Fuego 2008 – photo by Bex Workman

Times are tough for everyone in the current economy. If you can’t make it to the big Burn, maybe you should consider checking out some of these amazing events that are happening in your own back yard.

Temple Burn - Element 11, Utah - 2008
Temple Burn – Element 11, Utah – 2008 – Photo by Bex Workman

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