Burning Man with Kids: Guide to the Playa

Stretching on the Trampoline in Kidsville photo: Steven Fritz

A friend of mine and her colleague have written an informative post about bringing your kids to [BM].  Red Tricycle is in the business of sharing information about kids and I think you may find it useful. Burning Man with Kids: Guide to the Playa.

In addition to article, check out Burning Man’s page: Kids at Burning Man.  Have fun with your kids at Burning Man!

About the author: Affinity


Affinity, a Burner since 2000, was legally married on the Playa in 2001, was wedding coordinator and then training coordinator at Burning Man, before becoming the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) Social Media Coordinator and an Advisory Board Member. An attorney, she served on the Board of Directors of the Western Pension and Benefits Conference. She interned with the Human Awareness Institute for 10 years. She writes about how art is envisioned, produced, created, installed and its afterlife.

4 Comments on “Burning Man with Kids: Guide to the Playa

  • Corvus says:

    They won’t let me comment on the Red Tricycle page without a Facebook account, which I refuse to get, so I’ll comment here instead.

    Re: Lost child. That is the number one priority for Rangers, trumping even major medical emergencies, so the first thing to do when you notice your kidlet is missing: contact a Ranger. The gate will be closed and every Ranger and LEO will have his/her description and be on the lookout. Most missing child incidents are resolved in less than ten minutes.

    Rather than make the kid wear a wrist tag with camp and contact info, why not write it in henna on the shoulder or wrist? One of my (adult) campmates did that last year and she commented it must have been effective — she woke up in camp more than one morning with no clue haw she’d gotten there.

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  • AsOfTime says:

    …great parenting, good job burnouts…who the fuck would lose a child or take a child to burnout land? you idiots always seem to amaze me.

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  • Droidle says:

    AsOfTime seems like a very intelligent guy who knows lots about us burners. We should all give him a round of applause for pointing out our idiocy! My goodness, all this time I was apparently wrong when viewing this amazing artistic experience as a family affair. Of course it is common “knowledge” to everyone who has never been to burning man that we all just get together to do drugs and nothing else. His children must never scamper away at the grocery store or state fair… we should all follow his example and put a harness leash on all of our children, they must be a shining example of purist dependence following their lobotomy. What a Jackass.

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  • Pierre says:

    Leave the kids with Grandma, Unless you have a RV painted like Pokemon.

    My 9 year does not like Porto-potties and I can’t even imagine my 5 year old daughter using one, tote a potty like part of my costume ??? Oh and the dust too, If a wind storm picks up all of sudden and your away from your camp and can’t see shit !!!! That’s how you lose your children.

    Trade with other parents so I can go have some Adult-time… I don’t want to owe anybody for time, I’ve seen these children at Burning Man and I state this with some exception but a huge majority of them look sad and bored. Especially the pre teen boys & girls.

    For the cost of this trip with the Family, you could goto Jamaica and have a blast on the beach…. Leave the kids behind, We Did !!! And We don’t want to hear your screaming baby, We left them at Grandma’s for that reason.

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