BLM Issues BRC Permit for 2012 Event

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Black Rock City, LLC Gets Green Light from the BLM for 2012 Event

June 12, 2012, San Francisco, California. – Black Rock City, LLC, the organization that hosts the annual Burning Man event, is pleased to announce that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has authorized a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) for this year’s event, set to take place from August 27-September 3rd on the Black Rock Desert Playa, approximately 8.5 miles north of Gerlach, Nevada.

In addition to authorizing the one-year SRP, the BLM signed a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) on the related Environmental Assessment (EA) of Burning Man’s proposed actions for 2012-2016. Black Rock City, LLC has been working with BLM and Aspen Environmental Group for the past two years to complete this EA. The document suggests environmental mitigations based upon a gradual increase in population to 70,000 over the next five years.

For this year’s event, the BLM has set a maximum population of approximately 60,900 participants, or “citizens” of Black Rock City.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we’d like to thank our partners at the BLM and look forward to working with them towards securing a multi-year permit in the near future,” said Marian Goodell, Burning Man co-founder and Black Rock City LLC’s Director of Business and Communications.

Burning Man is the largest permitted event held on Federal land. For twenty years, the Black Rock Desert, north of Reno, Nevada, has played host to the annual art event, which began on a beach in San Francisco in 1986 and has grown to attract more than 55,000 participants annually, from every state of the Union and twenty-three countries worldwide. The BLM has issued a permit for Burning Man each year since 1992.

Curious about how this will impact further ticket distributions for this year’s Burn?  See this blog post.

About the author: Megan Miller

Megan Miller

Megan is an accomplished communications professional with experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. She’s a skilled leader, writer, editor, public speaker, and strategic adviser. Megan is passionate about the art of sharing information in creative and impactful ways, and believes in the power of ideas and authentic self-expression to change the world for the better. Before joining the year-round Burning Man staff in 2012, Megan spent ten years working for environmental protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, political campaigns, and the United States Senate. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Megan earned a Bachelor’s degree in English & Art History from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and is a 2007 graduate of the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs. She is also a certified yoga instructor who loves shaking it loose on the dance floor.

16 Comments on “BLM Issues BRC Permit for 2012 Event

  • ah. good thing you dont have to cancel all those tickets you sold ey? is this why tickets are just now going to be mailed out?

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  • Danger Bunnie says:

    OK… So now I just need to find an available Golden Ticket to come Home.

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  • Beacon Sway says:

    So….if 50,000 were sold….with how knows many to scalpers…….will the additional 10,900 go on the market and eliminate any chance of scalper profit? Will there be gate sales??? Sales via Theme Camps?? Hmmmm????………….. )'(

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  • piko! says:

    getting onto and off the playa will be even more interesting this year.

    like i’ve heard it described in the past…it’s like draining a bath tub with a straw!

    “pulsing in,” will be the way to ease the crush of entry.

    time to think of a new venue? with more ways in & out.

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  • Haim says:

    Burning Man is Eternity & Forever

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  • sdmedia says:


    Your golden ticket is waiting at the base of the Man. I’m sure somehow you will get one. :)

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  • Jay says:

    4:30 and Espl…. Can’t wait to see you guys back home!!!

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  • Davey Silva says:

    ¡Viva Burning Man!

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  • Ghost says:

    Well this good but there are shadows on this news;
    1. it is a 1 year permit, 2012, and not the usual multi-year
    2. there is no word on the appeal of the probation that BLM put on the BORG for going over the allowable population restrictions; what this means is that if they violate the population cap again they will not get a permit for 2013

    So, this is good news the event can go forward and they know what the population cap is. Personally, it is a little late given the debacle on the ticket sales, many camps all seriously short of people, many camps are no more, and the BORG are putting pressure on the camps for more “interactivity” with no guarantee of tickets for people to pull off such requests in the future.

    Like I said good news, and welcome news, but we have some shadows.

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  • Hickup says:


    Nah, gota keep it right where it is. It’s part of the experience. One hour communities is pretty awesome imo. If they really felt like being crazy they could take a chunk of all this money being raked in, and get the two lanes into RBC widened up a bit to four lanes, but still isn’t going to do very much. That, or get in with a camp that needs help setting up early to avoid the mess/stay late cleaning up. I know, I know, CRAZY ideas…

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  • Rocky says:

    Ok guys, (BM team)

    What did we learn about this ticket debacle?

    Don’t make critical decisions that can seriously alter the dynamic of the event while extremely INTOXICATED.


    See you all in the dust….

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  • Stroker says:

    Here we go again… the BLM letter of approval says a maximum population cap of 60,900… the word approximately does not exist. Burning Man is playing with words again! In this year’s permit, BRC is “required to keep the maximum population from exceeding 60,900 people during the event.”

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  • This is good news for burners! Demand has increased, so has supply and we now have an extra 2000+ spots. But how to distribute them? Direct those 2000+ extra tickets through the STEP program to ensure that Face Value is met? Or hold an open sale for 2000 non-transferable tickets?

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  • Sassy Britches says:

    Hoping BMORG will direct tickets to STEP, at least enough to supply those who have been ever so patiently waiting…

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  • Crying Sun says:

    Burning Man has become what it is and what it will become for many reasons. A great factor in its development, the part of what has fostered the freedom for all of us who come home, is the great Black Rock Deseart. One would be hard pressed to find a better environment for practicing and fulfilling the priciples of the event. Individuality and a sense of community have long been a characteristic value of those who call Nortern Nevada their home. Even though many may not understand the rural lifestyle and often wrongly stereotype, you won’t find a group of people anywhere more likely to welcome you in and accept your differences. Just like any governmental entity, the BLM has a job to do; plane and simple. We as citizens of BRC need to make that as easy for them as possible. We also need to give input on how inportant the event is by giving public comment so the can help not hinder its growth. They can also help to make it better through the planning process. The event is a gift, it allows for the anonymity or lack of it to express ourselves in those ways we see best. Yes the Black Rock can be foreboding and is difficult to get to; but what things worth doing in life are easy. For me, I couldn’t imagine it anywhere else. See you on the playa and please be safe.

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