Intellectual Pursuits at Burning Man 2012

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While Burning Man has gained a well-earned reputation for being one of the greatest parties in the world, it’s a somewhat lesser known fact that it’s also a crucible for creativity, innovation and intellectual discourse. We’ve done a round-up of all the workshops, talks, conferences (yes, conferences) and other intellectual pursuits happening in Black Rock City this year — turns out there’s a lot of ’em! Read on, then get out there and get your cerebellum stimulated! You’ll also find a list of academic events on the back of the What Where When guide, which you’ll get at the Greeters Station.

(Please note that as with any “scheduled” event in Black Rock City, your mileage may vary. Camps move, times shift, weather blows things away, and people aren’t 100% reliable … so take this schedule with a grain of salt, and check in with the organizers directly if you want to make sure things are happening when and where you expect them to.)


Title: “Money Grows on Trees”
Host: Messenger Joshua &
Location: Shwar Town Camp, 8:30 & D
Description: Learn the truth about money, how to end usury and deliver the gifting economy to the default world. All tribes unite as we co-create a resource based currency, grown organically out of the ground. Learn of the ancient granary receipt and how it can free any agricultural community from FIAT currency. Learn of “unity through currency”, and how we can eat nuclear submarines for snack time. Dragons, serpents and those who sold their souls to the front of the line.

Title: “My House is Built On Top of What!!?? Salvage Archaeology and Burial Excavation within British Columbia”
Host: Sarah Kay Smith, B.A. RPCA, Consulting Archaeologist
Location: Synesthesia Camp, 2:00 & A
Time: Tuesday 11am
Description: Explanation of how archaeological investigation is conducted within British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. Slide show of prominent site types, material culture and Coast Salish First Nations Art as well as presentation of recent findings. Topics: Destruction of archaeological sites by development; salvage archaeology; First Nation rock art and burial sites within British Columbia.”

Title: Fractal Nation Workshops
Host: Various
Location: 2:00 & E
Time: Ongoing
Description: FractalNation 2012 will provide a dynamic, full-sensory, art, music and performance destination with daytime and nighttime programming on our outdoor stage designed by Carey Thompson for the Envision Festival, featuring some of the playa’s most renown DJs, VJs, and performance troupes. As in 2011, we will also feature a visionary art gallery by Tribe 13 with art and design from the many artists that are part of the Envisionary Art Collective, including Alex & Allyson Grey, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, Android Jones, Jesse Noemind, Jessica Perlstein, Jason Tucker, Gaye Lub, and more. In addition, this year we will debut a speaker and workshop series featuring everything from yoga and movement workshops to reports from the frontiers of consciousness and creativity. Visit for the full schedule.

Title: “After Revolution”
Host: Lucy Brown
Location: Esplanade, white steamboat SS Serpent Queen
Time: Thursday 9pm
Description: A play for the Playa: A washed-up barren land where nothing grows, where the land is arid and plain. Not a morsel to eat or a drop to be drunk. A scurvy crew of renegades have survived but what is their fate? Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. Join us on our journey to the New World. Look out for the white mast of the SS Serpent Queen, steaming across the esplanade from sundown, Thursday. Ship docked at 2:45 and Jasmine.

Title: Palenque Norte Speaker Series
Host: Various
Location: Above the Limit, 9:15 & B
Time: Ongoing
Description: The Palenque Norte Speaker Series is a series of lectures focused on altered states of consciousness, psychedelic medicines, and the mystical experience. We’ve put together an amazing schedule of 22 speakers across 4 days which include luminaries such as Alex and Allyson Grey, Paul Stamets, Daniel Pinchbeck, Rick Doblin and many more. The talks will hosted by Camp Above the Limit and be located in the Crystal Cavern, a 40’ dome at 9:15 & B. To view the full schedule, visit

Title: Math Camp Lecture Series
Host: Group W
Location: Math Camp, E & 3:14159265…
Time: Ongoing
Description: Math Camp @ Group W is both a Safe Place for Mathematics on playa and, as far as we know, the ONLY place to drink and derive. As always, our lecture hall will be open to all. In previous years we’ve offered lectures on topics such as statistical analysis of DNA data, quantum physics, solving Sudoku puzzles, string theory, the mathematics of music, and even crocheting the hyperbolic plane (yes, a crochet lesson!). This year we’ll be open for business Tuesday through Saturday. Join us — or offer to share your knowledge! You can view our lecture calendar here: and sign up for lectures by emailing with your preferred time and topic. Walk-ins on playa are also a common occurrence. We will gladly attempt to help you with your math homework too!

Title: Does Activism Matter?
Host: Savitri D (leader and head organizer of the Rev Billy & Stop Shopping Choir)
Featuring: Wylie Stecklow (NYC Civil RIghts Attorney, clients include Occupy Wall Street, Global Revolution TV, Rev Billy & Choir, Counsel in Rodriguez v. Winski suing JP MOrgan Chase, Mitsudan, Brookfield, NYC, Bloomberg, and Deputy Inspector Winski for First Amendment Violations at Occupy related events), Special Guests
What: Panel Discussion
Location: Shadyvil, 845 & D
Time: Thursday August 30, 2:15-3:15pm (likely)

Title: “Constitutional aspects of the Citizens United opinion”
Host: Allan B. Gelbard, Esq.
Location: Burn Wall Street installation
Time: Tuesday morning

Title: “Legal Aspects of Making Pornography”
Location: ..and then there’s only LOVE, 7:00 & A
Time: Wednesday 2pm

Title: “Constitutional Law, the First Amendment and Privacy”
Location: ..and then there’s only LOVE, 7:00 & A
Time: Thursday 8:30pm

Title: “The World’s Most Inspiring Journeys”
Host: Robin Esrock
Location: Synesthesia, 2 and A
Time: Friday 3pm
Description: Burner, National Geographic TV host, Explorer’s Club MC and renowned travel writer Robin Esrock takes you on a sight-sound journey to some of the most inspiring places and adventures on the planet. A veteran of 100+ countries, Esrock’s 45 minute presentation includes spectacular photos, video, tales of universal wisdom, and some practical advice about becoming a professional traveler. For more info visit: /

Title: “Making Marketing Matter in an Online World”
Host: MissFitts
Location: 9:00 & G
Time: Wednesday 10:30am
Description: Most people think of marketing as a sterile way to secure sales and win business. And now we throw in search engine optimization, social media and pay per click. While these strategies may work sometimes, they aren’t always fun. The most fun is where you can bring yourself, your passion, your why to your message. This approach helps lead to healthier, happier connection with prospects and clients. Stop by to learn a few tips on finding your why and using that in your new marketing approach.

Title: “Transforming Community Beyond the Playa”
Host: Camp Melondrome
Location: Camp Melondrome, 4:30 & F
Time: Various days, 2pm – 3pm
Description: Wednesday – How to start a housing co-op
Thursday – Bringing playa-think to the default world
Friday – How to start a housing co-op

Title: “Civil Rights When Interacting With Law Enforcement”
Host: ACLU of Nevada
Location: Liberty Lounge, 4:45 & F
Time: Every day at 5pm
Description: Learn what you should do when encountering police officers at Burning Man. Role playing will most definitely be involved! Concerned Burners can visit us every day at the same location from 2-6PM to file civil rights reports and ask general questions. Let freedom ring!

Title: “Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness – Pathways to the Divine”
Host: Oasis Divinium Camp
Location: Oasis Divinium Camp, 6:30 & F
Time: Tuesday & Saturday, 12pm to 1:30pm
Description: Join in this salon-style conversation around the many forms of non-ordinary states of consciousness as we explore meditation, shamanism, breathing techniques, psychedelics, extended orgasm, yoga, and other pathways. What are they? How do they work? What are the experiences? What can we learn? And how do we integrate these rare peak experiences into our default daily life?

Title: “Sunday Morning Service”
Host: BRC Playa Choir
Location: Camp Playatel 7:15 & Rods road
Time: Sunday Morning
Description: For the last 6 years, I’ve assembled a choir to give an ecumenical, playa style Sunday morning service. Our service is on Sunday morning at 11 am at Camp Playatel located at 7:15 and Rods road. It’s generally standing room around the seated congregation so get there early! Packed to the gills…

Title: “Phage Seminar Series. Infecting the Playa with Science”
Host: Phage
Location: Phage, 5:00 & E
Time: Monday – Friday 8pm
Description: Come recharge your batteries with a dose of SCIENCE! Back by popular demand, Phage scientists return for this annual event to tackle astrobiology, subterranian communication, the geology of the Black Rock Desert, research on love and emotion, defining reality through information, the neuroscience of meditation, and much more. Come. Learn. Enjoy.

Title: Future Camp Lecture Series
Host: Future Camp
Location: 2:30 & E
Time: Various
Description: Future Camp puts on talks that we call Inceptions. They’re listed at

Title: “Porta Potties, Pee bottles and Periods – A class for women”
Host: Lysa “Dazzle”
Location: Silicon Village 6:00 & D
Time: Monday 3pm
Description: Hints and tips for women regarding navigating porta potties, using a pee bottle and dealing with a period all on playa. Stresses LNT principals.

Title: Yurt Tours
Time: Monday 2pm
Description: Class discussion of history of hexayurts, building materials, design options, anchoring choices, doors and decorating! Followed by tour of several yurts including admission into several yurts – some of which are air conditioned!

Title: “The Practicality of Dreams: Utilizing Dreams for Personal and Spiritual Growth”
Host: Janimal
Location: Duck Pong 9:00 & E
Time: Tuesday 9am

Title: “Extraordinary Speaker Series”
Host: Various
Location: Red Lightning 9:30 & E
Time: Ongoing
Description: Red Lightning is planning epic programming and ceremony to elevate consciousness and fuel personal transformation amidst our wider collective awakening at Burningman 2012, igniting the shift into a new paradigm. Charged by the same current of energy that has catalyzed the TED Conferences of lectures, with their technology demonstrations, art performances and sharing of world-changing ideas, we’ll offer a series of presentations and workshops led by a world-class gathering of luminous change agents and thought leaders. For more information visit:

Title: “HeeBeeGeeBee Classroom Series”
Host: Various
Location: HeeBeeHeeBee, ?????????
Time: Ongoing
Description: To view the complete classroom schedule, visit:

Title: “Shamanism, Psychedelics & Neuroscience”
Host: Dr. Patricia Savant
Location: Shamandome Camp, 6:30 & F
Time: Tuesday 12pm – 2pm
Description: Science is finding we are wired for spiritual awareness and transcendent vision. Our brains not only have specialized regions of spiritual perception but produce those same chemicals found in the shamanic brews and plants used for millennia. Within this framework, psychedelics are entheogens-allowing a deep, vivid experience of the inner matrix of reality. Shamanic ceremonies are designed to open these doorways. drumming rattling, mushrooms, ayahuasca, San Pedro facilitate.

Title: “Shamanism, Psychedelics & Neuroscience”
Host: Dr. Bliss Zolovska and Barnaby Ruhe, PhD facilitating
Location: Shamandome Camp, 6:30 & F
Time: Tuesday 2pm – 4pm
Description: Segue to Shamanic strategies within Reiki, Yoga, Massage, etc. for protection, extraction of negs, & channeling helping spirits. We all have stories of clearing dark energy, shielding ourselves, psychically intuitively knowing what needs to be done, and sense spirit helpers moving through us. Shamanista protocols make channeling routine. And sometimes we also have to rescue the lost child of the early trauma, in soul retrieval, to get them unstuck.

Title: “Intro to the Ennegram Personality System”
Host: Camp Carribean
Location: Camp Carribean
Time: Friday 11am – 1pm
Description: Come discover the Enneagram, an ancient model of human personality. Learn about the 9 types and improve understanding of yourself and relationships.

Title: Sacred Space Village Workshops
Host: Various
Location: Sacred Space Village
Time: Ongoing
Description: Sacred Space will have over 60 facilitators from 5 continents presenting over 100 educational programs throughout the week. Highlights include: “Guided Tours of our Temple of Alchemy”, “Living Mandala presents: Intro to Permaculture,” “Metaphors of Alchemy in Personal Transformation,” “Entheogenic Apotheosis-Awakening God Consciousness,” “Doctor Bruce’s Tonic for our Times.” There will also be a number of programs on Alchemy, several meditation practices, The Great Work, and working with dark deities and guardian angels alike.

Title: FUNCONFERENCE – Reimagining Learning : “Plato”
Host: Auto Subconscious
Location: 2:30 and Esplanade
Time: Tuesday 1pm – 4pm
Description: Join nerds Symposium-style in the Dome: with many researchers and multiple topics. When the talking is over, share a toast and Launch the Funconference!

Title: FUNCONFERENCE – Reimagining Learning : “Prototype”
Location: Center Camp: Rod’s Road and 8:00 (aka 6:30 and C)
Time: Wednesday 1pm – 4pm
Description: Join entrepreneurs and innovators in the design lab with tools to drive the conversations including white boards and rapid prototyping equipment. The focus of this session will be to design the future of learning.

Title: FUNCONFERENCE – Reimagining Learning : Pro-Create”
Host: Play(a)Skool
Location: Play(a)Skool -9:45 and Esplanade
Time: Thursday 1pm – 5pm
Description: Get inspired with a very special speaker series – Pro:Create – seeks to investigate the nature of creativity. As the largest intentional community on earth and one of the world’s most vibrantly creative places, BRC will provide an especially powerful setting for this investigation.

Title: FUNCONFERENCE – Reimagining Learning : “Party”
Host: Ashram Galactica
Location: Ashram Galactica- 8:15 and Edelweiss
Time: Friday 2:30pm – 5pm
Description: Wrap up the Funconference with cocktails and a meet-n-greet with deep questions, disciplines, and a report out on all the learning we’ve reimagined during the week so far (at the finest Hotel on the Playa).

Title: “Ignite Black Rock City”
Host: Center Camp Café
Location: Center Camp
Time: Wednesday 7:00-9:00
Description: Join us for a rousing session of sharing ideas and inspiring passions in this fast-paced speaker series. You just might learn How To Build a Multi-Person Pogo Stick, Why To Bring LEGOS and WHY to Wear Pink Hats and Rainbow Suspenders.

Title: “Earth Guardians”
Host: Center Camp
Location: Center Camp: Rod’s Road and 1:30 (aka 5:45 and Esplanade)
Description: We inspire inform and encourage our fellow BRC citizens to apply the Green & Leave No Trace principles and practices to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces in our default home.

Title: Occupy the Imagination Speaker Series
Host: Center Camp Café
Location: Center Camp @ The Spoken Word Stage
Time: Ongoing Tuesday – Friday 1-2pm Saturday – Sunday 1-3pm

Title: “Black Rock Scouts”
Host: Kidsville
Location: Kidsville 5:30 and D
Time: Tuesday – Friday
Description: Multiple activities for Parents and Children to tour and explore the diverse infrastructure of BRC. Activities include art tours, Art-making, visits to the Gate, Greeters, DMV, Fire, Recycle Camp and many more. Stop by Kidsville (with your kid) to get more information.

Title: “Lahontan Korps”
Host: Gigsville
Location: 3:30 and E thru G
Time: Wednesday & Thursday 12pm – 4pm
Description: Black Rock Educators Consortium (BREC) is hosting a two-day workshop for educators. Collaborate on lesson plans! Teach a breakout session. All types of educators are welcome.

Title: “Taoist Wicca in Contemporary Society” 
Host: The Contraptionists Camp
Location: Geranium & 7:15
Time: Tuesday @ 4:00 P.M.
Description: Hosted by Lord Buzz Salmon of Lady Redhawk’s Taoist Wicca Circle. A talk on the rhythms of the year and how different Chakras crescendo at the Turning of the Wheel.  Participants are invited to attend Friday’s ritual walk of “Older than Inanna / Ishtar”, a wooden sculpture based on the emergence of the Divine Feminine into our conscious awareness of the Goddess.  She will be available for including “seed” missives of desired manifestations, thanks for manifestations, or just meditating.  We will cast a circle on Blue Moon Friday at 5:20ish and walk “Older than Inanna/ Ishtar” to the Temple.  Smudge on Sunday.

Title: Stand-Up Philosophy — Open Mic
Host: Palace of Balunsia
Location: 4:15 and Hyacinth
Time: 27:th and 29:th 16-18
Description: Stand-up Philosophy – Have you ever thought about what trees do when no one is watching, how a platypus would cope with the Pope if they discussed religion, what Jupiter smells like, the colours of thoughts or other theories/insights of the universe, life, love and anything that you would like to share to your fellow minds? The mic and minds are open.

About the author: Will Chase

Will Chase

Will Chase is Burning Man's former Minister of Propaganda, working on global communications strategy. He was the editor-in-chief for the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter and the Burning Man Journal, and content manager for Burning Man’s web properties. He also oversaw the ePlaya BBS and Burning Man’s social media presence. Will first attended Burning Man in 2001. He volunteered as the Operations Manager for the ARTery (Black Rock City’s art HQ) and was on the Burning Man Art Council from 2003-2008. He was Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004 until he transitioned to the Communications Department in 2009.

24 Comments on “Intellectual Pursuits at Burning Man 2012

  • Pannat says:

    >known fact that it’s also a crucible for creativity, innovation and intellectual discourse.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, you’re talking about ‘pseudo intellectual discourse’. Hispters and yupsters on spirit quests are not intellectuals. TED, Burning Man is not.

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  • HK says:

    Well put!

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  • A. Kuttor says:

    Love the hipster and TED comment… +2 points

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  • swordfish says:

    Pannat & HK,

    Your comments were anticipated by Lewis Carroll:

    Speak English!’ said the Eaglet. ‘I don’t know the meaning of half those long words, and, what’s more, I don’t believe you do either!’ And the Eaglet bent down its head to hide a smile: some of the other birds tittered audibly.

    –Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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  • Roissy says:

    Granted Burning Man is not TED. But TED presenters have spoken at Burning Man.

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  • Playa Hanjin says:

    Burning Man is not TED; it’s way better than TED.

    TED might have started out as lofty intellectualism, but it’s devolved into a me-too conference: fairly conventional ideas, with a little sophomoric sentimentalism thrown in for good measure. It’s brought intellectualism a little closer to the masses, and that’s good, but it’s nowhere near cutting-edge.

    The personal journeys many people go through at the Burn are more ‘cutting-edge’ in a philosophical, metaphysical, intellectual and spiritual sense than anything I’ve ever seen at TED.

    Just sayin’.

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  • I don’t think we we’re included, but

    Burners Without Borders camp, at 3:45 and Esplanade, will be having Salons on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4pm, where we invite people to come learn about our organization, and share their own experience/endeavors in community building, activism, and humanitarian aid.

    Please stop by!

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  • Doc says:

    Um…the cerebellum is involved in motor control. The author may be thinking of the cerebrum….unless these are conferences about dancing or how to catch a ball.


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  • The Sacred Space Traveler says:

    TED, and Burning Man… hmmmm. Maybe this is not a place to make one better than the other, as this again fosters a sense of competition… How about having a complimentary attitude of inclusion, where the differing views and perspectives, and ways of expression can be honored for what they are. TED talks and Burning Man talks and feels are both a collective Consciousness series. Let’s honor each program as parts of a whole gestalt of greater understanding and awareness that spans our vision, intellect, feelings and artistic expression. Whats cool about BM is that you could be wandering down a street, or on a far playa journey and come across a TED Talker hanging out demonstrating what they talked about for the cameras…

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  • Malak says:

    Where will the yurt tours be starting from?

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  • Jackalope says:

    We are taking any and all complaints at Jeff Goldblum camp on Thursday 12-2pm, 7:15 and D, Geometric tower in front.

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  • hyperlocavore says:

    What a silly thing to say Pannat. I suppose it’s unclear to you that some of the same people attend both, speak at both…move in the same IRL circles….These people have been talking to each other for 30 years….since before the web had pictures.

    Also I assume you know how intertwined the history of acid and the history of tech in the Bay Area are intertwined?

    Shame if you don’t know the roots of the culture you deride so easily…

    Anyway…. my advice to you….unclench.

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  • CuriousG says:

    Just finished reading Alan Watts and I would love a workshop that leads people on psychedelics to sacred spaces and realizations… not a workshop discussing how it does so.

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  • rabbit says:

    Anyone know where this will happen?? I’m interested…

    Title: Yurt Tours
    Time: Monday 2pm
    Description: Class discussion of history of hexayurts, building materials, design options, anchoring choices, doors and decorating! Followed by tour of several yurts including admission into several yurts – some of which are air conditioned!

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  • Marcy says:

    Well! I notice a dearth of wildlife talks so… If you want to learn about human-wildlife conflict and the CHEETAH come on down to 7:15 and E and ask for Marcy.

    There is no spirituality, enlightenment or porta potty talk involved. I swear.

    All cheetah, all the time.

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  • Frisco says:

    Rabbit – here is the rest of the information for the Yurt tours:
    Host: Lysa “Dazzle”
    Location: Silicon Village 6:00 & D

    Sorry the formatting got a little screwed up.

    To everyone who is debating whether Burning Man is like TED:

    Now TED is at Burning Man!

    Events, presentations, and workshops all week!

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  • There is a brain in the gut….with the intelligence of the one on our shoulders….but
    different priorities, different operating system, different reason for existing.
    The ants on the page (words) are understood by one brain….honeltly I am more interested in the one I have always listened to which doesn’t form words to speak to me.
    With only the head we are planar two dimensional…with the gut-brain added we are multi dimensional fancy monkeys……xo

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  • MAURA says:


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  • Cometostay says:

    To me it’s not a “somewhat lesser known fact that…” One of the things I love about BM is the intellectual stimulation it provides me (on top of spiritual, metaphysical, etc. but that’s besides the point) Some of the most enlightening conversations and workshops I’ve attended has been at BM. Can’t wait to attend AND participate in as many of these talks/workshops as I can this year!

    Btw, echoing others, where does the YURT tour start?! We’ll be yurt-ing, too, so come check us out! Actually, we don’t know where we’ll be yet :)

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  • DigitalDave says:

    Well, I spent a few days with these PlayaTel folks and a number of hours on the Baba Deck. The best fun and conversations on tech topics I’ve had in YEARS. The playa is many things, my friends. Add to that list – technology test site.

    I absolutely needed to contact the default world on Friday. My dog was in boarding and wasn’t eating. I got a text message via the sketchy cell coverage, but outgoing was failing. The playaTel folks hooked me up with wireless access to Default so I could use my android Vonage app to call and get a status. If it weren’t for that, exodus for me would have been Saturday afternoon. Instead, I got good news that she did start eating and I could stay ’till Monday morn. (Woohoo!) And then I handed my phone to someone else that needed to call to status a sick family member. After, we were both in a really good place to continue our burn. And then I went to the Baba Deck. You would have though I had magnets in my pants. I couldn’t leave. The vibes were better there than anywhere else, for me. I found my tribe.

    The playa is more than art and hedonistic pursuit. It is a community. With community needs. And sometimes the community needs technology to solve problems. I, for one would like to see better grey-water treatment capability. We could have been better stewards of the playa had there have been a “Grey-water Camp” and perhaps some sort of collection method. We would have been able to ameliorate some of the dust issues had we a supply of treated water to disperse on the roads. I’m pretty sure a lot of grey water went directly on the ground, untreated. I’d call that a preventable crime.

    I digress.

    I would have a vision for where this goes. All those (poorly bound) schedule books could have been replaced with a Playa-Wiki on local webservers and eliminated un-necessay MOOP. I think the Playa NEEDS a local net. It is the mode of today and the future. Technology != Default. I think that to evolve the playa for the next generations and reduce our footprint we should embrace modern solutions rather than reintroduce the luddite mindset. We owe it to the children of the playa.

    PlayaTel is a proving ground for that community of the future. Less MOOP. More inter-connected. A robust framework of utility to call for volunteers in our times of need to accomplish critical community tasks in a timely fashion.

    OK. I’ll step off my soapbox. But I’d rather spend days on the Baba Beck than even ten minutes at Moscone Center. That experience there had more meaning to me than even the Temple burn. And I found my tribe.

    I can be reached on eplaya as Xdominant. Comments and even flames welcomed. But I doubt you could discourage my vision with even the best snark you can muster.

    )'( – Xdominant

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  • DigitalDave says:

    So I finally stumbled across the Evapotron. The technology exists, but is not being disseminated. What I find most troubling was the lack of emphasis on caring for that nasty brew that lots of folks were tending. I suppose you could just see it as simply yet another way to die in the desert.

    If we are to mimick a sustainable civilization, even for a brief time this needs visibility. Modern civilization (when early death is no longer a major factor in survival of the community and you don’t need 12 births just to stay even on population count) only starts when you are aware of such things. Most folks have forgotten (or don’t care to know) just how important that plumbing system design is in their home and elsewhere.

    I think this is a teach-able moment. We have the technology, ready to be shared, duplicated and deployed.

    I’d read on eplaya that anything beyond a simple evap pool was probably not practical. And I just didn’t think any harder about it.

    My bad.

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  • “The wariness about foreigners was to be a characteristic of the time. British intelligence had reports since 1909 about how German intelligence was being gathered in Britain and Ireland,” he
    When state of war stone-broke come out in Lordly 1914, espy paranoia soared throughout the UK
    with a foolhardy of newsprint stories, books and films.
    High-visibility celluloid releases, including the High German Descry Peril, Guarding Britain’s Secrets and The Kaiser’s Spies, added fire
    to the terminate.

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    it, you could be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your
    blog and will often come back at some point.
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  • Juvesiio says:

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    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same outdated rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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