Colors of the Playa

I had been wandering around all night on the playa. Exploring what could be explored in the short time I had. I let my feet be my guide. I had witnessed magnificent things like fire-breathing mutant vehicles and sculptures that sparkled in vibrant lights. But that was all about to be outdone by one of the most beautiful events on this planet, a sunrise in the desert. I was near the Temple when I noticed the night sky beginning to change. I found a spot on the playa and laid down. I was one with the playa, I accepted that I was going to get playa dust on me so I made myself as comfortable as I could. I was very tired from my journeys throughout the night, my eyes were getting heavy. My eyes would close for a minute then re-open back up to an all new scene in front of me. Every time I did this it was like my mind taking snapshots of the landscape in front of me in time lapse. I was creating a mental image for future paintings each time I dozed off and re-awakened. There’s no real way or words to fully describe what was happening to me. It is beyond beauty to witness a sunrise in the desert. I loved how as the sun came up, so did the moisture trapped in the ground from the night. It came up as vapor, catching the colors of the sunrise in its ethereal wisp dancing all around me. The surrounding hills were filled with a radiant magenta color constantly morphing into different hues of red then orange. Off in the distance the mist coming up from the ground gave me the illusion that the hills were floating on white fluffy cotton. The clouds above were just as beautiful. Racing across the sky constantly being transformed by the colors. Finally, the burning orb broke the horizon. When it did it was like time stood still. I saw its beauty unfold before my very eyes. I felt its warmth instantly. There were hundreds of souls around enjoying this very moment with me. We all stood up and began to sing and dance and hoot and holler about, with rants and chants of joy and ecstasy. People all around were laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, and beaming with radiant smiles that would last them through the day. During my 10 days at Burning Man, I experienced the joy of seeing seven sunrises.

by Bill Ball

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  • Sheri Ball says:

    I enjoyed your beautiful story. I felt like I was there enjoying the wonderful views with you. It makes me happy for you to of had such an amazing adventure.
    Much love

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  • terry says:

    Thank you for your wonderful story. It reminded me of the time I fell asleep at a really cool esplanade camp and woke up when I felt something warm and wet licking my anus. He said his name was Sunshine. At that moment the Sun was rising over the playa and casting incredible shadows across the playa. It was a magical moment.

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