Hey, Look… A Ball!

DSCN8167We were camped this year with a couple friends of ours from Canada, and other friends from Cali (as we are), one being a veteran Ranger. One afternoon, we were sitting around camp (Camp Yonder and the Ottoman Empire -8:13 & H-) enjoying some blue margaritas, and someone brought up the fact of how easily some of us are distracted in life… something as simple as hearing someone yell “Hey Look, a ball…!!” we all had good laughs, and pointed fingers at who would run after the ball if we ever saw one, hypothetically, of course…

Shortly after, while riding bikes with my Husband out by the trash fence about 10:00 or so, I hear him yell “Hey Look, a ball…!!!!!!!”

I look, and lo and behold, there’s a HUGE red ball just kicking up dust rolling in the wind heading towards the fence. I threw my trike into 3rd gear, and hauled ass after it :-). Well, just how often do you hear someone yell that, and how often is there really is a ball?

I caught up with the ball, and took it back to camp. Many smiles and laughs and sits and bounces it brought till end of the Burn… It might have come from the BallsDeep installation, might not have, not sure. It’ll be at camp with us in 2014.

It did teach me one thing, with great smiles… Immediacy. Run with your heart. Take a chance. Chase a rainbow, or a unicorn, a falling star, or a big red ball across Playa… you might just catch it :-)

by Chopper

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  • ranger magnum says:

    Great story. The playa is full of immediacy, and seeing someone so overjoyed at finding a big red ball makes all those moments that much more special…

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