Caravan Master Al-Ari Invites Travelers to the Souk!

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Caravan Master Al-Ari invites all travelers to enjoy the exotic delights and unattainable wares of the Souk at the Feet of the Man. Un-merchants from five continents will be selling nothing at giveaway prices during our week-long GRAND OPENING / GOING OUT OF BUSINESS celebration.

To enliven the festive atmosphere of the Souk plaza, he extends a special invitation to itinerant jugglers, acrobats, fortune tellers, magicians, seers, fakirs, sadhus, strongmen, sword swallowers, fire eaters, dervishes, human statuary, and dancing sign-shakers to bless us with the gift of performance at all hours of the day and night.

Levitationists, situationists, and contortionists will be greeted warmly in the Souk, as will stilt walkers, plate spinners, sitar players, mechanical snake charmers, hula hoopers, puppeteers, and alien bellydancers. However, the Caravan Master warns that sound systems, cover bands, singer-songwriters, and anyone violating the prohibition on commerce will be chased from the Caravansary like wild dogs.

Performers are asked to check in with the INNKEEPER staff upon arrival at the Souk, and to leave no trace upon departure, but are not required to register in advance. Al-Ari adds that he has a special place in his heart for storytellers and mad poets, and hopes that the 1,001 minutes of the Souk will be graced by thrilling tales of adventure and flights of fancy.

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3 Comments on “Caravan Master Al-Ari Invites Travelers to the Souk!

  • XaOs says:

    Such oases also attract traders and merchants, servers of rich coffees and fine teas, and purveyors of sweets and savory morsels, trafficking in gifts and favors. Watch for the appearance all manner of mystics and fanatics with their rants and visions, soothsayers speaking of omens and portents, fortunetellers divining the fates of the credulous, devout fakirs bestowing blessings and sinister sorcerers working dark magicks. Along with these come the charlatans, the mountebanks, the tricksters and flimflammers running games like 3-Card Monte with the Major Arcana. Be prepared for anything and everything, effendi; many strangers from strange lands with strange doings are to be expected in such a place.

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  • Rishi Ed says:

    Who will welcome this reader of the cards? What group embraces the counsellor of souls? Where will readings for Pagans, for Christians, for androgynous humans and for those possessed by darker forces be conducted? At the Souk?

    Your past will be clarified. Your present will be defined. Your future will be explored. You will be enthralled by your reflection in the cards. What love? What riches? What experiences will you discover?

    On this first visit to the outpost of human generosity and artistic freedom located on earth at 40°45’13.83″N, 119°16’37.20″W, I need a small corner in your market to divine the purpose of souls. Have you space for Rishi Ed?

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  • @Rishi Ed: please read the following for info on the ‘Walk-in Space’ for drop-in participation in the Souk:

    2014 The Caravansary Souk (last paragraph before shop listings)

    The Caravansary Souk — A Call for Participation!

    Caravan Master Al-Ari Invites Travelers to the Souk!

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