Update on STEP for Burning Man 2014

Ticket cuddle puddle!
Ticket cuddle puddle!

Here’s a quick update on the state of the STEP … the Secure Ticket Exchange Program.

Good news! The system is working! Over 2,500 tickets have been sold back through STEP, snapped up by eager Burners yearning for the playa.

Right around now lots of folks start deciding – for real – if they are or are not going to the playa this year. This means we expect a lot of tickets to change hands in the next few weeks. If you have an unneeded ticket to sell, get it into STEP (through your Burner Profile) before Friday, July 25 at 12pm (noon) PDT … that’s the deadline for submissions.

If you’re still looking for a ticket, we encourage you to exhaust all of your options. The best way, we’ve found, is to beat the bushes and shake the trees in your Burner community. Friday, July 25 is the last day ticket offer links will be sent out through STEP. Links are good for 72 hours from the time they are sent.

Keep at it, don’t lose faith, and we hope to see you on the playa!

More info on our ticket page  and in our help desk. Still have a question? Email ticketsupport@burningman.com.

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16 Comments on “Update on STEP for Burning Man 2014

  • Kevin Ells says:

    I know it’s been asked before, but why not drop the OMG tickets into the STEP, so folks who queued up get first dibbs.

    All you are going to create on OMG order is same frustration and chance for the scalpers to snag them. I know it’s not a prefect system but I have ton of friends registered for STEP and now they have to freak out on OMG day and go thru the same, refresh, bumped, bummer experience.

    I actually don’t the whole point of the OMG in the first place.

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  • aussieFred says:

    What’s the email address that would send a STEP email. Don’t want it going to spam and missing mine :-)

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  • Jennifer says:

    Last year my camp was able to resell enough tickets to pay for most our expenses in getting out there. Do you think we’ll have that opportunity again this year?

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  • Ed says:

    Just curious – how many people are in the queue waiting for a ticket?

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  • Matt Heck says:

    Does everyone understand why we use capitalism now?

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  • Daniel says:

    There aint no burner community where I live that I know of. Most people I know don’t know what the hell Burning Man is, let alone have any tickets to that event.

    My best bet is to get a ticket from you people who created the damn tickets in the first place. Your suggestion for me to exhaust all of my options -which I aint got none- for an alternative way to get tickets is discouraging.

    It is like winning a lottery ticket or something.

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  • Kc says:

    To Jennifer…so let me get this straight…u charged people more then face value for the tickets to make money….I hope I don’t goto your camp…u might charge me for a hug

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  • Jennifer says:

    >u might charge me for a hug

    I’d probably just call the police.

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  • Uncle bubba says:

    How can I get an early pass to move trailers into camps. I’m helping several burners get set up which means several trips in and out. I can’t get them all in if I have to wait until the general admission starts. Help please

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  • Esmeralda says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to BM this year, I already submitted my ticket to resale trough STEP but still get no answer, How do I now if someone had bought the ticket? I know there’s a lot of people looking for tickets

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  • Rob says:

    Main sale tickets are very late being delivered this year and many have not yet received them. It seems like it would make sense to extend STEP at least until all tickets have been delivered, otherwise more tickets will ultimately be driven onto the black market.

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  • Jean Ujiki-Walker says:

    I forgot my password and I feel like I’m in an endless loop trying to reset it. It says a link will be sent. When Ienter the link, it sends me back in circles.

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  • Nishcole says:

    Hi, how do I purchase a vehicle pass after I’ve already bought my tickets? Would happily buy one at face value from anyone on here looking to sell.

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  • Ryan says:

    Since the tickets are so delayed this year, and there are many that are wondering WTF is going on, it would be great if someone could publish something to the burning blog about the situation.

    Lack of communication just makes people upset, worried, stressed and left wondering…

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  • GreyHawk says:

    I lived on the reservation in Wadsworth, Nv where MANY people use to get to the Black Rock Desert. aand while i have Never had the pleasure of actually going to the Burning Man event out there ( I Always had to work~ I was a bartender and the influx of people kept us quite busy) but Most of my friend made the trip and I have heard first hand just what a magnificent event it was/is. I always rued the fact that i could not go as this is definitely something i would be right at home at. But eh Life being what it is …supporting my children(as a single parent with a “deadbeat” as the other parent) had to take precedent over the festivities. We made ridiculous amounts of money…so that eased the “pain” a bit. I DO hope to one day return to NV ( I live in Tennessee atm) and finally join in the Festivities! PS: I was So saddened to hear of the tragic death in Utah…Brightest Blessings to ALL involved in any way..be that of the family and friends of the individual and those who were witness… I accidentally caught myself on Fire 2 summers ago and spent 2 months in a burn unit out of state…it was no picnic for me but definitely quite horrifying to those present so I can only imagine how traumatic that was.
    JHust wanted to say “Go forth and enJOY Y’all” and i do hope that when i DO get back to Nv the “rug” won’t have been pulled out from under us. PEACE

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  • Heather says:

    I solved our problem…

    People who buy tickets to the regional Burning Man events like Apogaea, Element 11 and Transformus should get first dibs at buying Burning Man tickets when they go on sale.

    This would reduce the number of scalpers and allow people who have been planning and creating all year for these events to have a better chance of getting a ticket.

    It could work!!!

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