Burning Man Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

bitcoinStarting today, you can donate to Burning Man with Bitcoin. This makes it easy for anyone in the world to support Burning Man’s year-round programs using cryptocurrency, which is private, secure and untethered to any national currency.

Because Burning Man is a recognized non-profit, donations are tax-deductible, and there are no transaction fees for donating in Bitcoin thanks to our payment processing partner, Coinbase.

Ticket sales — which do not yet support Bitcoin — cover the cost of producing the event in Black Rock City, but Burning Man needs the help of donors to fund its projects and initiatives during the rest of the year.

Burning Man’s Marian Goodell said “Donations will help provide more grants, training and support to creators of radically interactive art and events on and off the playa, fund civic programs, teach communities the power of collaboration, strengthen our infrastructure and make the Burning Man experience accessible year-round.”

Your donations support Burning Man’s Global Art Grants, the Big Art for Small Towns program and art honorariums for Black Rock City. Burning Man also supports civic art programs, Burners Without Borders and grants for community initiatives. Around the world, Burning Man facilitates a regional network of more than 250 volunteer regional contacts on five continents, hosts an annual Global Leadership Conference and a European Leadership Conference scheduled for February 2015.

“Accepting Bitcoin for donations is an experimental first step,” Goodell says. “We plan to explore other possibilities in the future, including expanding Bitcoin to the ticket-buying process.”

Donations to Burning Man can be made online by visiting donate.burningman.org.

For more information about how Burning Man uses Bitcoin donations, check out our Bitcoin FAQ.

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3 Comments on “Burning Man Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

  • burpyme says:

    I think the donation system is an excellent way to let you all know how we feel about your lack of transparency, treatment of artists, use of funds to fly yourselves around the world, non consent driven community and commercial camps among other things. When it comes to asking for money you are all about ‘community’, when it comes to the direction of the culture.
    BM was better when the culture spread on its own, not when tried to fund it.

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  • JV says:

    The Burning Man Project is seeming more and more to be just a way to extend the livelihoods of the founders for as long as possible. The burner community already does a wonderful job of spreading the word. As far as 99% of us are concerned, the BMORG should concern itself with facilitating the Nevada event. Period. Ask anyone. We don’t want to receive fundraising emails. We don’t care about the “mission statement.” BMORG takes care of the logistics, we bring the art and the party. Ticket sales cover the costs of the event and the salaries of the full-time employees. Perfect arrangement. No need for this new and constant solicitation for funds. It’s really getting ridiculous, guys and gals.

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